The Future of the 3 Thomas Cook A332s

When Thomas Cook collapsed on the 23rd September 2019, the 3 owned Thomas Cook A330s were all stored at Manchester after their respected last flights.

Fun Fact
These are the only 3 in the Thomas Cook fleet with the toilets downstairs and that were owned by the airline.




Their Future seems confirmed

Once the Thomas Cook hangar at Manchester is either Sold or leased out, the process of the aircraft scrapping at Manchester will begin. Rumours this will start soon as possible with seats, engines and cockpit displays been first to go.

Would you like to see a section of one at Manchester Runway Viewing Park?
Have you seen all 3 of them parked up together at Manchester or flown on one?

Let us know.

Edit - This aircraft were deep cleaned in January. 2 were cleaned normally but the other 1 had to have specalist’s in due to exstensive mold grow in the cabin.

Also, all have corrosion at some areas of the aircraft. Apparently, even one has engine corrosion


Wow can’t believe it’s already been a year.
That’s interesting, how old are the aircraft? I don’t know why they aren’t being sold.

G-MDBD - 21.3 years
G-MLJL - 21.4 years
G-OMYT - 20.9 years

I guess there’s this now:


Ok thanks for the info.
Interesting to see how this will unfold.

Never knew an A330 could also have toilets downstairs…

Sad that this will be the case, but it is as it is, right? Any information whether there will be a specialised company doing this?

(Sorry to answer for @Zak_Plant) But I know! Isn’t that the craziest thing 😂

Flew on both Bravo Delta and Juliet Lima. Always found TCX Cool to fly on. But who knows tha fate of these birds. 😞

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I believe so

Knew you would all be surprised about the toilets

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It’s a much loved feature on the A340-600 at Lufthansa, but I never knew it was a thing on A330s as well…


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Yeah it’s so weird to think that a commercial aircraft would have that for passengers to use


Ikr. I believe it was the older style aircraft they had

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Wait what? Toilets… downstairs? The only thing “downstairs” should be cargo and fuel 😂 could you elaborate?

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Instead of the toilets been at aisle level. They had a few steps down to them

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That’s quite odd, never knew that. Thanks!

Unless ur highly intrested in TCX or worked for them i doubt many people know

Quick edit made with some more info

I really hope that mold wasn’t there when it was in service

Nope it wasnt. After been sat for 4/5 months

Oh ok
I’m assuming someone didn’t take care of the aircraft because they were planning on scrapping them