The Future of Infinite Flight

I wanted to do a post on the things that I would love to see on Infinite Flight and I want to hear you guys’ opinions. I don’t know if this is the correct category but I’m sure they’ll correct it 😂 Anyway, let’s jump straight in…

  • First up, I would like to be able to customize the winglets on the plane that I fly. For example, the 757 was just released and it is a beautiful plane. However, it only has the plane with winglets. Delta flies a 757 with winglets and without. I would like to be able to have winglets, no winglets, or scimitars.

  • Also, Delta’s 739 is the same way. You have some with regular winglets and some with split scimitars. I would like to be able to customize that.

  • Before I get off of the 757, I would like to see the 757-300 as well. I only know of two airlines that fly it, Delta and United. Feel free to add any CURRENT airlines that fly it.

  • As far as the 747 (all variants) I don’t really see the need of rushing a rework for this since it has been retired by most airlines. The 747F on the other hand is probably busier than ever before. It would be nice to see all the current cargo liveries on the 744F and 748F.

  • Next, I would like to see the 767-400er introduced to the infinite flight fleet!! I like to think of the 764 as a shorter version (in height) of the 777 😂 The flight decks are similar and so are the bodies. Once again, I only know of two airlines who fly the 764 (Delta and United) but I would love to hear of more CURRENT airlines that fly them.

  • Can’t forget about the 767-300. Lets point out that the 763 is not as bad as the 757 was before the rework. It still needs a desperate rework but I had to point that out (I played around on it the other day😂)
    I would like the 767 to get a full rework and all the current liveries and removal of old/retired liveries.

  • Next up is the 787. My airline (Delta) doesn’t fly this plane, so I’m not really worried about it 😂 but I would like to see a live cockpit on the 787. Everything else is fine, I think. It would be nice if Infinite Flight would remove the Delta livery as they have chosen the A359 instead. Oh, and don’t forget to add the American Airlines livery to the 788😊

  • As far as the Airbus A319/320/321, they need an engine rework because they gain speed too fast during taxi lol. I would leave the throttle at idle doing 15kts, next thing you know, you’re doing 25kts 😂 Also, I would like the see the American A319 and the Delta A320. Why weren’t they there in the first place 🤷🏾‍♂️😂 The brakes could use a rework too because they barely slowed me down in time to turn off the runway lol.

  • The A330 is in the process off a rework, so we won’t discuss that. All I’ll say is make sure that all the liveries are current 😊

  • I don’t keep up with the A340, so I’m not going to speak on that…

  • The A350 is a great plane!! I have no complaints, I think 😬

  • The A380 is another plane I’m not worried about. If I’m not mistaking, they retired this plane too so I don’t think a rework for this should be rushed either.

  • The 717 aka Boeing MD-95… what in the brick with wings is that?? The 717 is such a underrated plane. I’d rather have the MD88/90, but the 717 is still a beautiful aircraft. They definitely need to update this SOON!!!

  • As far as the 737, the only airline that needs some touching up is southwest. They need all the liveries and the 737 with split scimitars. We only have the one with winglets. I don’t know all the Southwest liveries, but please list them so we could have them 😊 Oh, and the United Continental livery 738 need the split scimitar winglets as well.

  • CRJ series just need lice cockpits. That all I can think of. Other than that, great aircraft. Please correct me or add things that I’m missing.

  • The amazing Ejets!!! Let me tell you, when I become a pilot, I hope that the E175 expands in Atlanta because this is such a beautiful aircraft. At least the newer ones are… I love the winglets and how tall it sits for it to be a regional plane. The only liveries I’m looking for at Delta, United, and American. Feel free to list any other CURRENT airlines flying the 175.

  • We can’t forget about the E135 and the E145. I only know about American and United flying these but please add any ones that I’m missing. CURRENT of course 😊

And that’s all I have folks. I would like to see other features such as buildings, effective landing lights, taxi lights, updated liveries (remove the old/add the new), live cockpits for ALL aircraft, being able to change tail numbers, and even if we can’t get buildings any time soon, I would like to have updated airports. For example, SLC has two new terminals and infinite flight hasn’t added them yet. I know that there is a process, but I’ve been wanting to fly to SLC for the longest now 😂 Anyway, if I’m missing anything, please be sure to add your thoughts. I’m only looking for realism. I’m all about it!! I love for things to be realistic. Even though we have a wide range of age groups, I would like for us to all come together and fly as if our lives depend on it. And if that doesn’t motivate you, a violation will 😂😂😂 Y’all be safe and make something of yourselves!! Gordon loves y’all and I hope to see some of you in the flight deck in the near future 😊✊🏾❤️👨🏾‍✈️😎


Holy moly that’s a long list…
Of stuff you can vote for in the #features category

For real though, nobody knows the future of IF for sure, as it is based on consumer demands and software/hardware limitations from the fact that it is a mobile sim. For now, your best bet is just to vote for stuff from that list in the #features category and wait for what’s next


Yeah, I could vote for these things but infinite flight only give a handful of votes.

The less votes you have - the more value it has because of that limited amount. Chose your votes wisely…

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That makes sense

Easy, Icelandair and Condor are the two I can think of rn. Past Operators: Arkia, Thomas Cook, and @ClassicAirlinerLover favorite: ATA!


Very demanding. Also what do you have against old livery’s and retro livery’s.

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how come there’s no A220

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I don’t have anything against the two, I’m just all about realism. If those specific liveries aren’t flying currently, I don’t think that there’s a need for them. For example, American retired their 757, I don’t know why we needed that. It’s there and I’m not complaining about it, I just think that they could’ve replaced it with another livery that’s active

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I’m pretty sure that they are already developing that because it was a close match with the A330. I say that because they always go with the popular demand and the A220 was pretty popular according to the poll results. I feel like they might do both the A330 and A220 in 2021

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A220 is the future!


I won’t argue with that 😂

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You have voiced what I have been thinking for a while now. I just haven’t posted cuz most get dragged by mods and regulars.
I do wanna add I think it’s odd we have new aircraft updates and no cabin lighting? It’s like they’ve dropped it since the A320 update.
Just something I’ve noticed.
And to add to just the airplanes; I’m more excited to see taxiway lighting, VASI, dynamic lighting( shadows) as well as clouds and tire smoke on landing. Things I will be looking forward to hearing about in the next year. Then hopefully terminals and jetways 😍

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Anyway I know this isnt story time , but say what I think. I joined here in the summer 2020 mainly during the whole shutdown. I would of never thought I would find Infinite Flight , but here I am still playing to months later. The fist big update that I saw the 20.2 Update was just magnificent engine sounds were good , etc . Fast Forward to now and I’m just blown out of my chair. I just dont know how Infinite Flight does it with all of theses amazing quality updates. I’ve really never seen this out of the flight sim especially on mobile. Anyway I see that the Future of Infinite Flight is very bright indeed. But I think many should just be grateful for 20.3 Update cause with all of theses high top notch quality that they do is just beyond amazing. Especially doing this within an global pandemic.


what timeframe do you plan for? next 10years? :P
quite the list you got there, some points I agree, but its gonna take a lot of time and I’m sure,
some points of the list are coming in the next years sometime… gotta be really patient though

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Me when someone basically posts the #features category ;-;

In all seriousness, this is why we have the category. There are many things here that just currently aren’t possible such as buildings and lighting, that may become available when the graphics API is updated to vulkan. Everything listed here is what everyone wants, and the developers are aware of that. I’m sure they have their own timeline to adhere to.

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I am more excited to see what project metal brings to the table for IF
More possibilities, and ongoing development/evolution in the past year or two have been rapid for IF.

Exciting times!


Hi there. Unless my eyes deceive me, these are all feature requests. Please make use of #features for these. This category covers all things, big or small. Thanks!