The Future of IF

Is there a way that we can get the Devs to release a thread or Instagram post listing everything they’re planning to work on, even if it’s a future project that hasn’t even been started yet?? Just for us to know so we dont have to annoy them with the same 300 repetitive questions on every post about gear tilt and clouds, airport lights, airport buildings and ground crew, new planes and reworks.

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Development Timeline check this out!


Great, was just going to point OP in the direction of that link as well!!


every question that you ever wanted to know!


I know about the Development Timeline, but its very limited to one or two projects at a time.

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@David_Lockwood‘s link is to the thread on the IFC (here it is again: Introducing the Infinite Flight Development Timeline) where the community discusses shares information about basically everything in development. Also it’s worth checking out the specific feature request which are currently under development.

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Future of IF. After 5 years. We are Working so hard and immediatly on the a350. Maybe 2030 comes out. Sry but infinite flight Going to the die ! Oo no i Think i get an attack from the regulars


To be honest, I feel that this is not a helpful post nor factually correct. The A350 is well in development and will be released between 2019-2020. Also the B777 will be completely reworked and we also just got a fantastic scenery update + a live cockpit for the A320.

I have played this game for years and it has developed in an insane (fast and positive) way in my opinion.

Now back on topic.


Well, if you look through the comments on Instagram, people have asked about buildings, clouds, and even ground crew, and the Devs have said that those things are being planned/worked on currently, yet those who dont look on Instagram have no idea that these are 0lanned projects, hence the continuous questions on random posts here on IFC. So all I’m asking is if we can help those lost and confused pilots to know that they’re requests are being met. I dont see how tou can think this isn’t helpful, nor do I see it being incorrect. I never said that there were no planes in progress, as I am fully aware of the A350 and B777 WIP’s.

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I’m sorry but if nothing special comes up at the next updates I’m not there anymore. we get an X-cub update who was interested? where are the new liverys coming without an update? promises are not kept. every time the same. i can see in the new liverys update we get exactly random liverys like sri lankan or what ever. Since the A330 update, for example, I have not seen one who flew with Sri Lankan. or with WOW. Instead, you could offer Aer Lingus or Turkish airlines! why do we always get the stuff as an update that nobody cares about? we need votes for new liverys? Why ? then the Pegasus or the Sun Express of the 738 will never come into play because 80% of the users are americans.
votes votes votes! in the end, these votes bring nothing anyway.

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I have to agree with him! An update takes a long time! How long will I wait for a lighting system with correct light?
Infinite Flight had and still has such potential today. Also because of the large community, uses this IF, otherwise get you soon other Mobile Sims

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Can you please point to a specific example of this where we have purposely misled you or not kept our promises without some kind of justification or reasoning? I’m asking so we can learn and improve, since I’m not sure what exact instance(s) you’re referring to.


There are a number of items on the to-do list but there are only so many hands available at a time. The developers have already mentioned the items you have stated but as they get far enough along into development they will share more details with the progress.

As stated by Laura on various streams and by Jason on various blog posts, the past few releases have had some changes not visible to users that are pre-requisites for future enhancements. For example, Laura stated that they are working on adding cloud layers. However in order for that to happen they had to rework parts of the rendering engine to make that happen. It has spanned multiple releases but nothing is visible to the users. Some items like adding clouds can have profound impacts on other parts of the app which makes it hard to know how long it will take to resolve.

Marketing for a product like this is very tricky. If you mention something, people assume it is in testing and is days away. On top of that you have to factor in the testing and performance of a large number of distinct devices. If everyone had an iPad Pro things could be different but you have a wide range of devices that need to be accommodated. It is hard to predict when an enhancement hits an Android only issue or something that only impacts a certain device that can impact release dates.

Yes, the goal is to get all aircraft up to the current standard. Some aircraft are newer and it may be easier, some aircraft it may take an entire rebuild to start over from scratch. Yes, they would like to add everything you mentioned. It just takes time to get the infrastructure in place and get far enough in the development process that they can feel confident in saying “Yes we are doing this”.

Hope this helps.


Perfectly put Chris!!


It was about a comment in instagram to the question … When will we get new Liverys? then was posted “in one of these days without an update to Google Play or App Store”

This wasn’t about your post at all, but an answer to @Harun_Koyuncu. Sorry for the confusion.

I completely understand your (@CaptFrenchie19‘s) reasoning behind this post, and have therefore answered with my advice to you here: The Future of IF - #5 by JulianB

Once again sorry for the confusion!

I’ll be honest, I’m on Instagram a lot, and I’ve never seen that reply coming from the official Infinite Flight account.

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Hahahaha sure bro ? I Can search and find that but i Think any staff has deleted this Comment.

There was an official mention (I forget where, exactly) about liveries having the ability to come to IF without the need for an app update.

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And what do you Think about new liverys ?

This definitely helps. Thanks

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