The future of IF: On what should the game focus the most?

Not a long time ago, Global was introduced to IF. An amazing update, no doubt. It’s basically a whole new game, which looks better than ever before. In the very near future, two new planes will be added to the game: The DC10 and the MD11. There is a lot of new stuff coming. But what about that, what is already there?

There are still aircrafts in the aircraft library, which have a very bad quality, like the F/A 18 or the CRJ-200. A lot of airplanes are not equipped with APPR yet, like the Boeing 737 or the Airbus A330.

There are significant basic things missing, like taxi lights, that light up the taxiway. Another example: Flight planning isn’t very efficient since the map is inaccurate and not very well visualized.

In my opinion, it would be great if FDS would focus on the improvement and rework of what is already there, before they continue adding new features.

However, I think that there are a lot of people with a different opinion. I‘d really like to discuss this with you. What do you think about the future of IF?

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Also similar to this:


That one is pretty old and has been inactive for some time.

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Guys, come on. This is embarrassing. This member posts a pretty nice topic and what do you do? Discuss whether or not it’s a duplicate of an old, not very up-to-date topic.

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Don’t forget 3D graphics should be in there somewhere.


You have to appreciate posts like these, very beautiful words you used and it really shows how you want this simulator to improve in the future. Great posts like these is what we need from fellow community members, as long as we have a civilized discussion we can keep beautiful topics such as these open.
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I feel that Laura should take a break after the CRJ reworn, then she and Phillipe get the communities opinion on what stuff should come next, like people want to see a A330 reworn and the A350 added


I think the game developers should focus on aircraft development, like reworks and such. But Global is a pretty big update, so once all the bugs are squished, they should take a well deserved break!


I agree. Being able to see the runaways and taxi ways at night would be great. I also wish the terrain on the radar was still there to see obstacles such as mountains.


I think in 10-15 years Laura might be developing 3D buildings and city lights if she can find a way that our devices will be able to handle it. What do you guys think?


As much as I wan’t the A350, I am like why does legit no one mention snow, rain, clouds! It would make the game so much more realistic. 3D Buildings will probably take about 2 years.


Here ya go. Please vote on it:

That would be very cool though! :)


3D buildings for the whole world would take a VERY long time. I wouldn’t expect them in 2 years, probably a lot more considering i don’t believe it is their focus at all.


I think we really do need 3D buildings, I suggest that not all the world has buildings , but maybe users can buy like the scenery of a certain city or an airport, almost like we paid for regions before. Anyone agree?


At least 5 years if they’d worked on it like global


Yeah, or maybe community made mods, like so you can go to a website and buy another plane like an A350 without the devs having to do anything, like maybe they can buy planes off of people and then sell them in game? Who knows, it would be cool Laura and Philippe!


It would, maybe they could release one city at a time if this was within the realm of possibility


Laura posted this on her twitter.

She details the technical aspects of IF and what she wants to see in the future of IF, which pretty much answers the OP’s question.

For the sake of saving your time,

  • taxiway lights
  • tire smoke
  • clouds and weather effects like rain,
  • 3D Buildings

in no particular order, are what they want to be the next big thing for IF.


Probably like 10 years when the “Iphone XX” comes out… ;)


3D buildings can start in a couple of cities first no need to do the whole world at once. Also it doesn’t have to be realistic they can just make it generic copy paste scenery. And if it’s streamed its possible even with today’s devices I think. @Delta_Alpha_Lima With iPhone XX you could probably play IF in virtual reality by then!