The future of Doncaster Airport

On 13th July Peel Group who operate Doncaster Sheffield Airport (DSA) announced they would end aviation activity at DSA.

DSA is an integral part of South Yorkshire’s economy bringing well paying jobs and economic growth to the local area. As DSA is a major logistics hub the local economy will be having effect with the loss of jobs and in the middle of a cost of living crisis, it’s the last thing anyone needs.

Of the decision goes ahead we will see operations wind down before it’s eventual close in October. We can not let this happen.


idek where this is lol but I’ll sign it to help people because why not

I live in England (Home airport: EGLL), but I have heard of this place, and I like places ending with -ster, so im signing petition

Me too, i think more people should do that too.

Signed. Lets get more people on this!

This is so unexpected. It’d be a huge shame if it were to happen; it’s not too far from me. Hopefully they reconsider.


I signed the petition. Hate to see jobs being taken away.

I’ve actually flew out of there within the first month of it opening since I thought it would be cool and it is a phenomenal airport for something of its size, real shame if this does go ahead! But might mean the airport closest to my home town (Humberside) get some more traffic.

Avro Vulcan XH558 is There.

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Looks like the final flight out is on the departure board. Shame to see this airport go…

TOM1DSA going out near midnight to Manchester.

Only see this now, but why will it close?

Deemed financially unviable by PEEL Group, DSA’s owners.

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That’s a wrap ladies and gentlemen… tonight G-TAWW of TUI Airways left Doncaster for the final time on a repositioning flight to Manchester. This brings to a close of 17 years of operations from Doncaster.

Talks are on going with the Peel Group and a consortium from the UAE to purchase our airport. Farewell DSA, you shall be missed!


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