The Future Of Cargo Shipping is Here (Delivery Drones Discussion Thread)

UPS has been greenlit by the FAA to start hauling cargo using UAVs or drones to deliver.

“UPS says it immediately launched the first drone delivery flight by any company under what is known as the Federal Aviation Administration’s Part 135 Standard at WakeMed’s hospital campus in Raleigh, N.C. The flight was flown under a government exemption allowing for “beyond visual line of sight” operation.”

The service will be used to haul long-distance cargo using large drone vehicles. While smaller quad-copter delivery drones will be used to deliver packages.

This is both a cutting edge in shipping and delivery using drones. UPS hopes to have next day drone shipping by January of 2020.

More info in these articles:



It seems that my nightmares have come true

Just kidding, it will be fun to see how this goes

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Other info about the specifications:

“United Parcel Service received federal approval to operate a fleet of drones, giving it broad privileges to expand unmanned package delivery, the shipping giant said Tuesday. The approval will also allow the drones to carry cargo over 55 pounds.”

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The machines are taking over. Get John Conner on the line.


Just throw a rock at the drone.

Congrats, your package just got stolen.


Reminds me of the game Egg Inc. You could shoot down drones carrying packages and get money from them.

Would they be air pirates instead of porch pirates then?


Let’s see how a drone holds all two hundred pounds of my family’s school books every year :)


Who says they won’t just use a few drones?

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Just imagine an army of drones storming our neighborhood and landing on our driveway 😂

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Plus, everyone else’s packages and things

I just got a new scope for my rife, I can’t wait!!!


Well it won’t arrive by drone. They won’t be starting it until 2020.

also what rifle and what kind of scope, i like firearms


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I could tell you a million reasons why this is not a good idea
1.Drones can’t really fly in wind
2. There is a such thing called airspace and that drone could go fly into a plane
3.They could shoot it down
When planes on the other hand cant shot down unless you have rocket they can fly in rain and they won’t fly into Malaysian airline flight.

No, a guy shot down a plane before with a single pistol shot. You can shoot a plane down by aiming for the gas tank with a few well placed bullets. Then you have a big fireball.

Actually, some waterproof drones can.

When i had mine it flew well in wind guest up to 20 knots

Yep, we work for an oil company that flies drones in airspace’s. We are in constant communication with the drone operator and it has ADSB so we can pick them up

Yep same as airplanes and helicopters

Mine did. We used it for some work during this summer in the rain.

For my Henry Big Boy .357

Well, I can always hope to see one land on my driveway eventually.

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Eventually Amazon will have giant air ships that they deploy drones from.

Wellllp… time to submit a Drone Feature Request…


HMU, PMs and we can get talking. Take notes devs, we are making history.

Two years ago, UPS actually tested these beauties out. They are hella cool! It will be cool to see these things in operation soon.

and no i did not necropost