The Future of Cabins in Infinite Flight

Not sure if mentioned on the IFC before, but the 772 has somewhat of a cabin easter egg-ish thingy?? Dunno what it is tbh lol

@77W Definitely agree with you on that

@Lavoe787 Honestly I’m with you. However I think having a cabin on aircraft such as the CRJ is a nice touch, and with opening doors now standard, galleys would help make everything look great from the outside without the sacrifices of performance from actual seats!

@Trio Same, I rarely look at those views, and polygons would probably be much better put to use elsewhere!


Yes I think more and more people are discovering that. However, as I mention in my post, IMO this is a waste.

The seats are low quality compared with everything else on the plane, they are in a economy class layout in the first class section (and being only modeled in the first section makes it look like we have a combi model), and they help draw polygons away from other aspects of the model. I just feel like we don’t need them.

I guess I should also say that if the polygons are put on other pieces of the model, net-net there might not be much performance improvement. However, the model itself would look better because those polygons are on the outside of the model or in the cockpit :)


I have no votes, but I 100% support your idea. It is something that I’ve always wanted to be implemented in IF, the passenger view, in a cabin window. It would be great to develop interiors of all aircrafts like the CRJ family, but that requires a lot of work and resources for the devices.

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That sounds awesome! I would love those different views on the 777 because the 777 view we have right now is too close to the wing, maybe just move it back a little bit.

Just bringing this back up given the new photos of the 77W. Personally, I’m all for a galley and opening doors, but please no seats. However, I am looking forward to an interior on the 77F - the WIP photos of the cargo bay look great!

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The 77F (and all freighters for the matter) is perfect for a ca-, uhm, cargo area? Don’t have to waste polygons on seats!

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So with the just released images of the 77F galley:

This would be the perfect moment to say that this level of detail on the galleys is worth the tradeoff of having no seats in the cabin. For the 77W and 77F, I hope we just get some really detailed galleys to see through the open doors and leave it at that (plus a cool cargo area on the 77F!)

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For me, I’d rather have those polygons go towards exterior improvements tho the 3D model. No one flies with cabin view.

Completely agree.

I’d be happy with more fixed wing views at several locations along the fuselage with interior noise. I hate how the current wing views have exterior noise, it’s really annoying.


Definitely support this. Really don’t car too much about a modeled cabin, a window view is more than enough for me. Especially since my devices don’t perform too well when flying the 777.

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B777 Passenger may don’t have passenger view but we may have passenger view in B777 Freighter! Here, take a look


Locked/Following Free Camera:

Wouldn’t this be perfect for this request?
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Exactly - for a 77F it makes more sense because there are only a few seats, so these can be better modeled and reflect the real-life version. Low-quality seats just don’t belong in Infinite Flight, and with graphics restrictions and all that, I really believe we don’t need any seats in long haul passenger configurations

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Perhaps as a substitute for a fixed camera looking out the window. Since the point of this request is to not implement any seats in long haul passenger cabins there wouldn’t be much to look at with the free cam besides the galleys!


OP Request / New drone cam confirmed