The Future of Cabins in Infinite Flight

Hello everyone,

As you all might have seen on my previous topic in general:

I have a proposal for Infinite Flight cabins moving forward. We’ve had all three options in the last few updates in Infinite Flight: a full cabin on the CRJ, no cabin on the A350, and a mini-cabin on the 777.

Frankly, the CRJ cabin is far and away the best looking out of all of them. The seats fill the whole aircraft, they are not terribly boxy, and overall you have a nice experience inside. Now, in the recent 777 update, the seats are low quality and to be honest it just looks out of place (in addition to the fact that there are economy seats in first, we’re looking at what appears to be some sort of combi-cargo setup overall, etc. etc.)

! Disclaimer: this isn’t a rant against the developers – I think we can all agree that the 777 looks amazing.
! Second Disclaimer: this isn’t a request for better seats or anything like that. Jason has already said that due to polygon constraints, the number of seats in the 777 is the most they can put in. So with quality limits as they are, I am proposing the following solution moving forward (which I think can please everyone)

1) Restrict cabin seats to only small regional aircraft (i.e. the CRJ series)

This has the benefit of ensuring we still have some cool cabin views to enjoy, and in smaller jets we can have a better quality, and therefore more enjoyable, cabin.

2) Model galleys on long-haul aircraft, but do NOT model any other cabin features

But wait, I want a window view and a passenger experience! Well, take a look at the third part of my proposal:

3) Implement another camera view in the same position as a window seat view, inside the aircraft

So, to be frank, we won’t have a full cabin on any long-haul aircraft for the foreseeable future, and that’s not just “because”, but due to device limitations. Given that the cockpit is where we (should) be spending most of our time, and the planes themselves are what is important, polygons and details in the cockpit and exterior should be prioritized.

This window view (shown above for illustrative purposes) should be a happy compromise. It shouldn’t be too difficult to implement, because the 777 and A350 both have hollow cabins and actual windows, so it should just require the correct placement of a camera. I’d advocate to have the camera fixed to a small viewing angle, so it isn’t as obvious that the cabin in bare. This is, however, a minor detail.

In short, here is why I think this is a good idea and the best possible compromise:

  • You don’t have to worry about a memory-intensive 200-seat cabin, which is good for performance.
  • You will still have a full cabin to enjoy on short-haul jets.
  • You still have a cabin window view on long-haul flights, just no seats (which don’t look too nice to begin with).
  • You still have galleys modeled (as on the 777), so that when doors are opened it doesn’t look too strange unless you get really close.

It’s a win-win. So drop a vote, or comment below to show your support! Hopefully this will be taken into consideration for the rest of the 777 family and beyond.

-Rock77 out

You want a cabin, but you have low graphics… #lowgraphicsteam


? That is on high graphics… And if you read the post, that is exactly the opposite of what I’m saying :)

Personally I don’t even want that view, but it’s to appease those who want a window seat…


It’s true that a view with the seat would be really nice…

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I’m saying have the view but no seat at all :)

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This would allow for IF trip report, that would be nice. I might free up a vote this topic


I’d definitely appreciate it! And yes it sure would

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You have my vote

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you got another vote!

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Thank you very much! Every one counts

I’m pretty sure this feature request isn’t needed as it’s already what IF has tried to do so far…

Guys remember, IF have to stay not to hard for our device.

May overheat your device like my IPhone X I was able to cook an egg on it 😂

So yeah, it would be to hard for our devices and for now I think it’s not needed :P


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Then why vote for other features we know are coming?
There are hundreds of them

You got my vote!
I can do without option 2 for now, but 1 and 3 is definitely nice. I wanted a feature request but just didn’t know if it was worth it in creating one back then. Glad you took initiative

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@Q-ENAN Well it’s not clear that this is the future. Given the most recent release had a half-cabin on the 777, the Devs are still trying to figure out what is the best solution.

@GPilot118 This should not tax the device any more than a cabin full of seats(in fact it should be the same or less, because there will be no seats in the cabin of any long/medium-haul aircraft)

Just to be clear everyone, I’m proposing that any long- or medium-haul aircraft that will be updated in the future should not have any seats modeled or included in the cabin. They should have a hollow cabin with a camera facing out through the window. NO seats!! :)

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Exactly, I don’t get why I should vote for terminals, landing lights or clouds… They’ll just come when they come


Your feature request is wll written and clear, no need for more explanation 👍


You 100% have my vote. I would much rather have no cabin but be on high graphics at 60fps than the alternative. I think this would help people with lower end devices and reduce lag at busy airports. I would much rather they spend the development time on the cockpit or starting the 777-300ER than have a cabin.

I love the update however, I think this is more of a cosmetic feature for when other features have been added and when every one has higher powered devices. This is just my opinion though.


Me Personally? For the time been I’m completely against cabins, all cabins do is take more processing power and more time to develop. Maybe in a few years tablets and phones will have more capable graphics and then I’ll be in favor of them.

Just my two cents


I love the work the dev team puts on the full model including the interior for the commercial aircraft, but I think I might have gone into the cabin once per aircraft, if that… it’s just rows of seats and a loo. Lot of extra polygons to drain performance.