The Future of Cabins (in IF)

Hi everyone!

So as we are all enjoying the brand-new 777 and 737 cockpit, I wanted to start a discussion on the future of cabins in Infinite Flight. Now before we all start screaming, hear me out and let’s see if we can reach a good community-based solution (obviously the developers can either add their two cents or ignore this completely, but hopefully it’s food for thought).

So the CRJ cabin was a great surprise. The cabin was filled up, and the seats weren’t too boxy looking. Then the A350 came out, and there was no cabin at all. Now we have the 777 with a mini-cabin. Personally, I’d be happy to have a full cabin in smaller regional jets and GA (say CRJ/ERJ and below) but above that I don’t know if it is absolutely necessary to have actual seats. The seats (no offense to the developers, I know they are memory intensive) aren’t that pretty, so just having them as rather old-graphic objects seems basically worthless. Use those polygons on the exterior or cockpit 😁 Plus, having only some seats, having economy seats in first class, having a combi-looking setup, it just feels weird.

Now I am NOT trying to say that we should instead have a beautiful interior, and Infinite Flight gave us something horrible, and blah blah blah. No. I’m simply saying that if we really want a cabin window view, we should have a fixed camera view from behind the window on the A350 and 777 (you just don’t have the ability to move it around to see what would be an empty cabin). To me, this solves a lot of things:

  • You don’t have to worry about a memory intensive 200-seat cabin

  • You still have full cabins to enjoy on short-haul jets

  • You could still have a cabin window view on long-haul flights, just no seats (which frankly don’t look too nice to begin with)

  • You still could have galleys modeled (as on the 777), so that when doors are opened it doesn’t look too strange unless you get really close.

To me it could be a win-win!

Enjoy the update.


I like this, it would be best if you turned this into a feature request, and votes will come flying in

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I could care less if we had cabins, to be honest.


Technically all GA planes have a cabin in IF. While we might not have camera angles for them they do indeed exist.


Yeah this is a great idea. I never look at the cabins, even on the ground. A seat-like view over the wings would be cool though.


A220 would be cool as well… 👀

I have to agree with @Altaria55 on this one, Id much rather have Devs spend time adding new things and fixing bugs than adding a useless cabin


Lights would be nice…

I 100% agree with this. The cabins on the CRJs are amazing, but the one on the 777 feels half finished and no where near Infinite Flight quality standards. If there is going to be a cabin, it needs to be the same quality as the rest of the aircraft (not something that looks like the cockpits from 2012), and it definitely needs to be finished. Devs, if you can’t do that, please use the extra polys for additional exterior detail.


Meh, unnecessary feature now in my opinion, IF has so much more to improve in development and fixing bugs than to spend time on aircraft cabins. Future maybe?

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Personally, I think cabin seating is an unnecessary use of (already intensive) polygons. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the work that goes into adding them, and it is neat having them, but I’m busy flying the plane, not having a passenger experience. I don’t mind the idea of having them in smaller aircraft, because there’s less seats, therefore being less intensive.

I appreciate the work that went into 20.1 and I look forward to the future of Infinite Flight, cabins or cabin-less. :)


@AlaskaAirfireball111 Hmm, may consider that but just the discussion here from some active community members is great for drawing attention and having a good conversation!

@Altaria55 @Leron_Gundlur @NoahM Completely agree with you!

@PlaneCrazy Absolutely - Jason said that was the max number of seats they could add. Just seems like resources could be better devoted elsewhere

@AnonymouslyAnonymous Yep!

@MrMrMan Couldn’t have said it better

@jasonrosewell A bit of community input to help any discussions on cabin development 😉


Absolutely - I was more saying just in general, when/if GA are added or reworked, it would obviously make sense to have an interior for small planes (TBM, 172, etc)!

you should move this to #features

Take notes ladies and gents! Rather than just complain about a problem, work toward a solution.
Bravo to you sir 👍🏻

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can we have real seats for the different airlines?

I think the best thing to do is to have a community vote like how there was one for the next aircraft rework to see what most people in the community want. And maybe the devs could lay out pros/cons with cabins on the development end and what else they could work on in aircraft rather than cabins.

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As you mentioned yourself already, the developers only have a certain “budget” of polygons they can use to ensure a good performance of this detailed aircraft on the supported devices. A cabin view might come in the future but for now the focus is on the exterior and cockpit model as those are most visible.

Regarding your idea of a camera behind a window: Go ahead and create a #features request for this! It sounds like an interesting idea 😊

Enjoy the update!