The future of Brisbane Airport

Hello everyone, this is a topic for those interested to post about what they are excited for and like about Brisbane airport! This was also @ADDY28 and @Luke_L idea!

Brisbane airport is the largest airport in Queensland and third busiest in Australia. It handles many flights from multiple international and domestic routes. Brisbane airport is currently constructing it’s second runway which is meant to be completed by mid 2020. This thread is to expand on other things they might be projecting and post new ideas for what would make it better.


I am personally excited for the projected future terminal!

Could you provide us with some details/more information and some sources?

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We tend to like it when Real World Aviation threads have more context and information regarding what is talked about. Threads like these are generally not allowed unless there is sufficient information already provided.


Hey! Like already mentioned and from my past experience with this category there isn’t enough information here, we can make a pm and prepare a more detailed thread in the coming days.

Ok I will close it? Or do I need a moderator?

I think a more detailed thread will work

I think you can flag it and a mod will close it.