The Future Of Aviation

Quick Question for you all!

Where do you see aviation in say 20-30 years.

For example:

What will planes look like?
How will planes be powered?
What will airports be like? i.e checkin, circular rwy
What will military aviation look like?
Will there be more luxury or less luxury?
What new routes will there be?

Feel free to use links to articles, diagrams, pictures, your own drawings etc but make sure you give credits.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts


PS: I just put 20-30 year preliminarily but you can say what you think and when. i.e Autonomous planes in 50 years.

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I think Cargo Planes will have one pilots

Planes will still be powered by gas

Airport I think will have all biometrics and I hope to see a different type of runway in use

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Autonomous planes???

Well one thing I have been hearing about is AI Co-pilots… Just great, I can’t stand virtual assistants when you call Comcast/Xfinity customer service let alone virtual Co-pilots.

What’s next? Google ATC?.. " At the VOR, turn right, heading 2 8 0 for 1 8 00 nm"

  • Planes will be supersonic

  • They will not need pilots

  • The world will be environmentally horrible because of the future of aviation

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I think planes we will have more autonomy in planes but ATC will still be manned at least until everything is autonomous. Then it can just be preprogrammed

I think we will have ‘standing seats’ 😂


Life will be a nightmare 😐

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I’d rather travel by ship if that happens imo


Where do they come up with this stuff?

“HeY i gOT aN IdeeA! Y dOnT wEE mAkE eM StANd lIKe HoRSes?”


I think some airlines would be more smart to make low quality cheap small sleepers instead of economy class. It would be a stuffed up but people would prefer this by far, some day or the other some airlines will change the course of the aviation industry.


I think the primary evolution of aviation in the future is going to be fuel efficiency, and it’s going to be improved a lot

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Congrats. You have forseen the future of ryanair.

In the future, aviation could be many things, here are a couple ideas:

  1. It has completely disappeared, replaced by space travel
  2. Airplanes are mostly computer run, with maybe one pilot in case things go haywire
  3. Air travel is supersonic, revolutionizing the game

There could be a million other possibilities, but we’ll have to wait and find out.


Not necessarily Ryan Air, you’ll never know when different airlines like EasyJet fall bankrupt, it could be anyone - from Ryanair to Singapore Airlines.

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Mmmmh. Singapore has standards.

Rtanair publically talks about its bad conditions

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nEw RyAnAiR sEaTs


In the next 20-30 not much is gonna change. ADS-B will be required by the FAA so Radar will be integrated with satellites. Satellite technology looks like the overall biggest change in the next 20-30

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I just read a story about a hybrid electric jet in development. MIT alumni design hybrid-electric aircraft for regional mass transit - YouTube

@Flightfan84 Yes, I also recently saw that video!

I personally think that we’ll see many more electric/hybrid aircraft in the future, especially in G/A.
By 30 years from now, people will probably have begun testing of hybrid/electric airplanes for G/A and commercial use.

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