The Full Airbus A350-900 Review

The Full Airbus A350-900 Review


G’day and welcome to the Full Airbus A350-900 Review. The Airbus A350 has been the most requested aircraft ever to be added to Infinite Flight. Starting all the way back on April 1st, 2019 Infinite Flight released a picture of a wing that was in development. A few days later Infinite Flight confirmed what the image was of and what was in development. Following the announcement people all over the community went crazy and started asking questions about when it was going to be released. A couple days later they showed us more renderings of the aircraft and how they make them. In November of 2019 Infinite Flight released a blog post on the Airbus A350 and its development, it showed a picture of the aircraft in the game. A few days later it was confirmed to be in beta testing indicating it was only a couple of months away. Infinite Flight released another blog post and never mentioned it was coming in 19.4 and said it wasn’t coming. Then on December 6th Infinite Flight premiered a video of what’s to come in 19.4, they showcased the newly reworked Cessna 172 Skyhawk then unexpectedly after them confirming it wasn’t coming showed the Airbus A350 and confirming it was indeed coming in 19.4. On the 10th of December 2019 they officially released the Airbus A350 to the public, the servers were full of Airbus A350’s, at its peek there were over 3,400 Airbus A350’s in the Infinite Flight skies.


The aircraft comes with many new features, it also comes with over 20 liveries. Here’s a list of everything.

Feature New / Existing
Gear Tilt New Feature
Atari Game New Feature
Animated Switch’s Existing Feature
Live Animated Cockpit Existing Feature
Wing Flex Existing Feature
Cargo Doors Existing Feature
4K Textures Existing Feature
Livery Livery Version Registration
Aer Lingus 2019 Livery EI-ORD
Aeroflot 2003 Livery VQ-BXA
Afriqiyah Airways 2012 Livery 5A-ONX
Air Caraïbes 2016 Livery F-HNET
Air France 2009 Livery F-HTYA
Air Mauritius 2017 Livery 3B-NBP
Airbus Factory Carbon 2014 Livery F-WWCF
Asiana Airlines 2006 Livery HL8078
Cathay Pacific 2015 Livery B-LRA
China Airlines 2001 Livery B-18917
China Eastern Airlines 2014 Livery B-304D
Delta Air Lines 2015 Livery N502DN
Emirates 2000 Livery A6-EXA
Ethiopian Airlines 2011 Livery ET-ATR
Evelop Airlines 2019 Livery EC-NBO
Finnair 2010 Livery OH-LWA
FrenchBee 2018 Livery F-HREU
Generic N/A N/A
Iberia 2013 Livery EC-MXV
Infinite Flight 2019 Livery N350IF
Japan Airlines 2011 Livery JA04XJ
KLM 2014 Livery PH-AXA
LATAM 2016 Livery A7-AMA
Lufthansa 2018 Livery D-AIXI
Malaysia Airlines 2017 Livery 9M-MAC
Philippine Airlines 2017 Livery RP-C3506
Qatar Airways 2013 Livery A7-ALK
SAS 2019 Livery SE-RSA
Singapore Airlines 2003 Livery 9V-SMI
TAM Airlines 2015 Livery PR-XTB
Thai Airways 2015 Livery HS-THB
Turkish Airlines 2019 Livery TC-LXA
United Airlines 2019 Livery N35001
Vietnam Airlines 2015 Livery VN-A886

Note: Existing Feature’s are features that were already in the simulator but on different aircraft and or work differently.


Taxiing with the A359 is as easy as every other wide-body aircraft. I personally use the tail camera to align myself perfectly on the taxi-line. I find taxiing with a ground speed of around 15 knots or bellow to work the best any higher can cause you to strike the wing on the ground if you need to make a sharp turn. It also reduces the risk of going into another aircraft on the ground as it’s quicker to stop compared to stopping from a ground speed of 35 knots. When turning a corner with the A359 I find that going past the turn off a little bit then turning the aircraft works best with realignment after the turn.


Takeoff in the A359 is a little bit different compared to other aircraft. Depending on the weight I usually use 30% trim and have flaps set to 2. I usually start pulling back on the sidestick at around 140 knots airspeed and liftoff at around 150 knots airspeed. After I liftoff I retract the landing gear, enable the NAV autopilot and climb with a positive pitch of around 15o to 17o, once I reach 1,000 feet above ground level I lower the nose to about 13o.


Once I’m above 1,000 feet AGL and have lowered the nose to about 13o I turn on the altitude autopilot to my pre selected cruise altitude, usually around 30,000 to 40,000 feet. Once at 200 knots airspeed I retract the flaps to 1+F, at 210 knots airspeed I retract the flaps to 1 and then at 220 knots I retract all flaps. At 230 knots I manually reduce the thrust then shortly after I enable the auto-throttle. I usually climb with a vertical speed of 3,200 feet per minute up to cruise with changes in the vertical speed throughout. I also usually adjust my trim to condensate for the VS and speed, I usually climb with about 30% trim to 10% trim once above 10,000 feet and sped up to my cruise speed.


Cruising on the A359 is the easiest part of the flight. I usually cruise between FL300 and FL400 at mach .85 which is 320 knots airspeed below below FL280. During cruise you don’t need to do anything at all really beside monitor it if you want. At about 300 nautical miles away from my destination I start planning what runway I will use, when I will start my descent, what altitude I will descent to initially. Depending on the length of the flight I will step climb up to my final cruise altitude.


I usually start my descent between 160NM to 210NM out from my destination. I start off with a slow descent rate and increase it as I get closer to the destination. Once I’m at around 15,000 feet I start slowing the aircraft down, usually to 300 knots airspeed first then lower as I approach 10,000 feet. If I’m still over 250 knots airspeed I’ll level off at 10,200 feet and deploy the flight spoilers until the speed is below 250 knots airspeed. I usually slow down to 230 knots and maintain it once below 10,000 feet.


Once I’m below 10,000 I maintain an airspeed of 230 knots and change my altitude for the distance I have remaining. The aircraft is harder too slow down than any of the others in the fleet so to compensate for it I deploy the flight spoilers for most of the approach. During the approach I’m planning out what altitude I’m gonna descent to for final approach and follow the glide-slope down, I take the airports elevation into account.


When I’m landing I usually fly the same as every other aircraft. So once I’m about 30NM out from my destination I slow the aircraft down to 220 knots airspeed and deploy flaps 1. Once 20NM out I slow down to 210 knots airspeed and at 15NM I slow down to 200 knots airspeed and deploy flaps 1+F. Once I’m about to enter the final approach or about 10 to 7 nautical miles out I slow down to 180 knots airspeed and deploy flaps 2. At 6NM out I slow down to 160 knots airspeed and deploy flaps 3, then at 5NM out I slow down to 140 knots airspeed and deploy flaps to Full which is followed by putting the gear down and arming the spoilers. At about 3 to 2NM out I might slow the aircraft down to somewhere between 140 knots airspeed to 135 knots airspeed. Once I’ve touched down I apply the brakes with between 50% and 88% pressure and use between 50% and 70% reverse thrust. I stop using the reversers at 60 knots ground speed.


The cockpit on the A359 is extremely detailed and even has animated switches, the cockpit is extremely detailed and has almost every screen working, Infinite Flight have said that they will be improving it over time and adding more features to it in the future.

People’s Opinions

Here’s what another user thought of the A359.

The A350 is an amazing aircraft, and has introduced live cockpits to larger aircraft along with gear tilt and an in flight entertainment system. 😂 Almost every aircraft in the game is an A350, and probably will be for several weeks. This takes away a lot of realism since there was originally a wide variety of aircraft. Now we are just stuck to one. I hope it wears off soon as I’m not a fan of it…



In conclusion the Airbus A350-900 is a beautiful aircraft to fly, it’s fuel efficient, beautiful looking, advanced, you name it. If you’re not a fan of the A350 or don’t like it I recommend you give the aircraft one fly and you will fall in love with it. I can 100% positively say that this is, has and will be the best aircraft Infinite Flight has ever released.

Links / Tutorials

Here’s some links and tutorials on how to fly the A350.

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The Atari Game will start once you reach FL420. It’s located next to the jump seat.


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