The Full Airbus A320 Family Review

Thanks guys for the support and feedback.

Thank you for the info! I mostly choose the 737 for all my flights but when I use the a320 family I don’t really know what I’m doing… so this helps a lot

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You’re welcome mate

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I was giving Qantas some tips on how to write a review, I know the numbers are close to the real model Haha

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Thanks for the great and informative review on A32x family. However; i’ve found this statement a bit unfair for an A380. I have been flying an A380 since a while in IF and found it physically amazing. It’s very smooth and stable during cruise with minimal to null popping. In approach; it’s very great and easy to fly manually if you implement the GS rules correctly in term of balancing between power setting and pitching… The absence of APPR mode may be considered as a disadvantage for an A380 in addition to huge pitch down during descent despite the trim setting and reasonable descent rate. Hope to get a rework for this amazing aircraft to get rid of some of these flaws. Otherwise; it’s really a great aircraft to fly…

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Love the fact that you put good photos in!

I won’t restate what @Guxk said, but I’d love to add a comment.

It truly drives me bananas when people use APPR without having to. I’d say watch your calibration. I’m almost positive that this isn’t an aircraft issue. Be sure to calibrate before disengaging A/P (If you ever disengage A/P).


Before I continue I do calibrate my device and to be exact I calibrate it like 5 times before I disconnect it and it continues do that, it happens on every simulator.

Nice Topic!

Everyone has a different way of flying the plane :)

I start with 85% Power. I hand over 1200 ft MSL up to 80 -81%
The flaps are retracted at a speed of 210 IAS. then I put the speed on Climb, which then depending on the wind ratio 75% and 71%

I always try to act according to real conditions. and that’s how it’s done in real.

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