The Frontier Virtual Podcast I Golden Episode 10 Now Available!

Welcome to the main page for the Frontier Virtual Podcast

Link to the podcast playlist:

What you can expect:

  1. We will do our best to crank out episodes whenever all three of us can meet our schedules.

  2. Episodes will be no longer then 45 minutes per. We respect your time and the fact that you are surrendering part of your day to listen to us.

  3. Content will always include Frontier Airlines news. So this will not evolve into just another Infinite Flight podcast. It is solely made for the airline but we are going to be discussing topics here on the forums.

  4. Announces and talks on the future for the airline and its dependency on global.

  5. updates to the airline

  6. Certain episodes will be QaA sessions where we will answer questions you on the forums have for us.

  7. Updates on Virtual Airlines, not just ours, with permission from the CEOs.

**Meet the Podcast 🎧 Team:**🛬🛫🛩
Host: @Infinite.flight
Co-Host: @Cessna_Driver
Video: Hosted on our YouTube channel by @Tecnam2TA

Episode Content

Episode 1: Introduction into Frontier Virtual Airlines
Episode 2: Questions Answered and Global peeks
Episode 3: Frontier Pilot @Dairell_Martinez joins the team to discuss his life in FVA
Episode 4: Global and Frontier Part 1
Episode 5: Frontier VA pilot Tyler talks about his career in aviation and his charter airline.
Episode 6: The FVACast is joined by serveral Frontier VA pilots as we all joke and talk about our lives as frontier pilots.
Episodes 7-9: Content shown in the playlist above.
Episode 10: Live Podcast Episode updating all on FVA
Episode 10: TBD
Episode 11: TBD

That’s all for now. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Hopefully we answered any questions you may have. If you do have unanswered questions please feel free to comment below.

Our newest episdoe is airing today at 10 PM EST. Hopefully we can interest you enough that you’ll check the episode out. If you don’t know how to find our channel, just click on my profile link. It will take out to our website where you can find our social media in the far right hand side page. #flyfrontier #acarrierwhocares


This looks great! I hope to tune in:-D

How do you and Captain Matt host it together if you are in Denver and he’s in Chicago? Do you use Skype?

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I nearly forgot about this. I will tune in.

I’m excited to have you aboard for the livestream. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in livechat :)

Daniel, Matt, and I (including any guest stars) use Google Hangouts or if my slack account actually works we use skype.

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I’m happy and excited to have you aboard :) if you have any questions feel free to ask them in the livechat.

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Just giving a bit of an update here early on before the podcast episode, we will be talking about the following:

  1. Why FVA has gone into hibernation mode
  2. What we’ve all been doing in our down time
  3. what the plans are for bringing FVA back to full operating power
  4. Real world aviation in lauding the latest : SFO near Miss with Air Canda
  5. Future plans for the YouTube channel.

In addition to what Robert answered, we’ll actually be using Google Hangouts On Air. It’s setup slightly different from a normal hangouts call since it’s designed specifically for live streaming.


Thank you haha sorry I forgot to mention that.

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10 minutes now till we kickoff and you get to hear the good old intro again ;).

The link will be provided.


I’m eager to watch this podcast, can I also tune in please?

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You can count me on tuning in! :)

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Here s the link ;)

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Sorry, I couldn’t watch the podcast now because my VPN won’t work, and I’m at China now. It could maybe work later of the day:)

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How many Global Routes are you planning on having? All Frontier RL Routes? @SkyHighGuys


Investigating the competition, ehh…? 😏

A q for the podcast: If you could choose another aircraft in IF to have the frontier livery, which one would it be?

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Great Podcast! Just remember, we’re here for IF, not xPlane… xD


The podcast is for the virtual airline. And the virtual airline only ;) I say that we are here to talk mainly about FVA not just IF and that we will be branching off from the main topic of IF. Just scroll up or go to the closed thread ;) you’ll see it there.

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Haha I know man… :)

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Read this portion where it talks about what you can expect 🙂

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