The Frigid Fairbanks Flyout! (Completed)

bumpity bump bump

The event is in two weeks!

Challenger 350 (if it’s out by then)

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I’ve got you signed up!

Event bump!

It does appear we are now in the single digits of days left!

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Event bump! I would greatly appreciate it if IFATC could be at this event!

Also 1 week to go (based on the title “in 7 days”)

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ill hop on this in a Citation X down to PDX, please!

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Excellent choice

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I will sign you up! Sorry for the delay.

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Let’s the rest of the gates and cargo gates filled!

The event is 3 days away!!

The event is tomorrow!!

It’s event day!! Everyone please start spawning at 2023-03-04T16:45:00Z.

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@Wonderousbuilder641 would u like to copy down my FPL to LAX once I spawn in later?

Sure :)

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@anon36731834 @United403 @Ryan_15 @UALPilot @plane_guy12 @Mr_A1B3RT @Butter575 @Artemiypilot @RagonDragon @Flyin.Hawaiian please start spawning in in 1 hour!!


Is it possible to change to the same flight as Aidan?
I won’t have time for a 6 hr flight

The event is tomorrow not today

This says otherwise

Well I can’t come bc of conflicting events