The Frigid Fairbanks Flyout! (Completed)


Hello Infinite Flight Community, and welcome to the Fairbanks Flyout hosted by me and my good friend @anon36731834! Fairbanks Alaska, also known as the golden heart of Alaska, is a small city North of Anchorage. At 65° North, this city is a gateway to Northern Alaska. Although Fairbanks has a warm summer, the winter months can be extremely cold. Come join me for this frigid flyout!

Fun fact: Fairbanks is one of the coldest cities in the United States!

Event Details

Server: Expert
Airport: Fairbanks International (PAFA)
Date & Time: 2023-03-05T17:00:00Z2023-03-05T17:45:00Z

image Photo Credit

Gate Airline Aircraft Route User
01 Alaska E175 Anchorage @anon36731834
02 Alaska E175 Anchorage @rbznq7yrcr
03 Alaska 737-900 Seattle @Ryan_Carney
04 Delta BCS3 Seattle @UALPilot
05 Delta 737-900 Minneapolis @plane_guy12
06 Condor DC-10 Frankfurt
Cargo Aprons
Cargo apron Airline Aircraft Route User
01 DHL 777F Los Angeles @Wonderousbuilder641
02 Empire Air (generic) C208 Anchorage
03 DHL 777F Los Angeles @Mr_A1B3RT
04 DHL C208 Anchorage
GA Ramps
Ramp Aircraft User
Gravel Tie-Down 1 C208 @Butter575
Gravel Tie-Down 2 Citation X @Artemiypilot
Gravel Tie-Down 3 Challenger 350 @RagonDragon
Gravel Tie-Down 4 Citation X @Flyin.Hawaiian
Gravel Tie-Down 5
Gravel Tie-Down 6
Gravel Tie-Down 7
Gravel Tie-Down 8
Gravel Tie-Down 9
Gravel Tie-Down 10

More can be added if needed




• I am not responsible for any violations issued during the event

• Follow all ATC instructions

• Act professionally throughout the event

• If ATC is not present use the traffic frequency correctly

• All of these rules apply to both commercial and GA aircraft

• Most importantly, have fun!

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None yet! PM me if you are interested in sponsoring.

As always, please let me know if there is any information I am missing. I hope to see you there!


Please and thank you

40-Mile Air (Generic) C208 to Delta Junction

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Hello there!

One Gate 1 to Anchorage, please!

Can I snag this gate?

I have signed all of you up!

this please

Sure, I’ll sign you up

This one please

I’ll sign you up! These gates are really going quickly lol


Apart of the gates going quickly thing, is that it’s probably amplified by there not being too many to begin with

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Can I take this please? Really appreciate it!

Sure, I’ll sign you up!

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I’d like to go to Wales airport (PAIW) on the Citation X :D


I’ve got you signed up.

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Event bump! I would greatly appreciate it if IFATC could be at this event!

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Bump of the event


Bump of this event


Event bump!

Come on guys let’s get some more sign ups! Been a few days, and there’s a number of spots left!

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