The French Rouge

The Air Canada Rouge A319-100s are unfortunately retired. One of the best subsidiary airlines in my opinion, it is sad to see their 767s and A319s leave their fleet. Rouge (Red in French) flew to Las Vegas to Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary before retiring. I flew with Rouge from Vegas a total of 8 times. Here, I present 2 flight I completed for ACVA and for @Pajd02 's Event. Enjoy πŸ˜‰

Flight 1 - Las Vegas McCarran (KLAS to Calgary International Airport (CYYC)

Flight 2 - Calgary International Airport (CYYC) to Los Angeles International (KLAX)

Floght 2 was dome with @ILOVE7879-2.0 and @Kat

A departure out of Vegas at 5:45am, I still remember waking up at 3 to head to the airport IRL for Air Canada Rouge flights.

Turning right over the valley from an epic view inside the cockpit.

Departing the Golden Valley passing 20000 feet from the wing view.

Passing by a salty lake somewhere over north Utah.

After making a crosswind landing at the event, It was time to depart once again to LAX. Heres the trio of Canada

Passing my some rocky mountains in the British Columbia.

The tallest mountain in Northwestern United States (excluding Alaska) is Mount Rainer.

The final base leg into LAX

Exiting the runway full length with @ILOVE7879-2.0 on a 2 mile final.

@Kat taxiing to the gate right behind me after the 3 hour and 20 minute flight to LAX from YVR


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All good! Cleared to like πŸ€ͺ

Sad to see them go πŸ˜ͺ

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Awesome photos! Saw the Rouge at KSAN a year ago. Sad to hear this.

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Nice photos It was a very Nice flight
Was my landing good? Better than the first one for sure

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Also just to point out

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Beside me landing a questionable speed. It was a great flight. Good photos!

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I gave you your tenth like!

Jokes aside, great job!

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Great shots!!!

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Nice Shots!

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woo-hoo I see myself :P
Great photos! I like the 4th one the most

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There’s this thing called the Great Salt Lake, but I think this is different than that, IDK though.