The French Polynesia in 10 replay screenshots



I was in the mood for some scenic change and this seemed like a good place to check out!

Taking the Citation X out for a spin, we departed Bora Bora (NTTP) and cruised around the surrounding islands. The Bora Bora is the name of the group of islands in the Leeward island group forming a part of the 118 strong group of islands that is the French Polynesia.

I spotted another good looking area in the distance and headed over there - looking on the map, it turned out to be Tahiti. Why not? It didn’t take long to hop over there and it was well worth it. After a couple of loops around Tahiti I saw yet another island spot, named Tetiaroa. Banking left, we headed there for a final snap for a quick touch and go and brought the little jet down safely a bit later back in Bora Bora.

It’s a great area to fly around and fully recommended!

Notes: As always, no hard editing was done to the photos, just some personal preference slight changes to the light and contrast and working with what is available – nothing fake added or taken away.

Good times.



That livery complements the scenery perfectly!


I love flying the Cessna Citation X in this beautiful livery. The crystal clear seas also gives away! Nice pictures and I hope you have… Well, you sure did enjoyed your flight. 😁

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Good shots man!
I’m hoping to have all of the French Polynesian airports edited when the next push comes. There are about 40-odd airports either needing editing or missing completely, so I have taken it upon myself to edit all of them. It’ll be great for island hopping!


Nice! Good luck, hope it all turns out well. That’ll be quite a cool hopping sesh! It would be quite cool to tour around them in a TBM.

What would be even cooler would be taking an ATR42 or 72 just like Air Tahiti uses in real life, if they are ever added to the sim that is.

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Yeah the ATR would suit it well for sure,

Wow, these pics are insane! 😍

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It’s nice to see more and more people discovering the French Polynesian! Ive been to every island (with an airport) there in a TBM. Its just an incredible place irl and on IF! if you time it right you can get some incredible sunrise and sunset screenshots! Great photos!

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Nice screenshots! The 2nd one down makes it look like the plane is some sort of animal lol

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Love those edits. Really brings out the scenery as a whole. Great job!

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Always loved your works man, keep it up!

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