The French Gateway, A Generic Journey

Hey community!

Today with Basel being the hub, I was able to find a seasonal transatlantic route operated by Air Transat, which previously used their A310’s, before updating and slightly downsizing to their A321-XLR. Today I flew this route using the Generic A321 as an overnight flight, it took me 6¾ hours, it’s amazing how far the A321 can actually travel, and what routes can be flown with them!

@Marc have you been able to spot one of Air Transat’s transatlantic flights to Basel? 😮

Flight Details

Aircraft & Livery: Airbus A321 // Generic (in place of Air Transat)

Route: Montreal CYUL - Basel LFSB

Server: Expert

Flight Time: 6:45

Anyway, to the shots! I can’t call myself the best editor, but with a 2½ hour car journey and nothing but a phone with 6,100 hours of Infinite Flight on it and an insufficient connection, I couldn’t resist it.

Parked at the Gate (Gate 58) in Montreal

Lining up on 06L, CYUL

Rotating out of CYUL, 06L

Departing East out of Montreal

Passing Cork, Ireland

Passing London, England

Passing Paris, France

Turning onto base, runway 15 at LFSB

Touching down, Runway 15 at LFSB

Parked next to @Declan_O (spawned in after I parked), Gate 18

Let me know what you think of these shots, and also if you think the Generic is an underrated livery.

A special thanks to the controllers for providing a great service to the ground!

@Eden_Tan - Center
@Jonathan_Rudolph - LFSB Ground/Tower/ATIS


Second shot was sooooo nice!

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Thanks! Personally I love the third shot, the rotation is truly beautiful 😍

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I have seen this several times being flown on a planefinder app that I have. The airline also does flights to Toronto.

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Whoa, Ethan taking pictures? Nice shots mate ;)

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Air Transat have a good ton of routes around Canada and the world. I flew on this airline from Gatwick to Vancouver a few years back!

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I like the last picture 😄

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Yeah, I like the last picture as well. Haha!


Definitely not bias lol 😂

I like it because of the Easy Jet and it looks nice

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No clue why, must be the mountains in the background 😜

Am I surprised? ☻😂

Thanks for liking them!

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thou art bamboozled. Nice pictures anyway :)

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Great photos mate! By the way I was controlling when you flew your generic Dash-8 Q400 into Lugano hahaha

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True, I didn’t think of how I also flew that 😅

Got the inspiration from this:.

And this hence the ‘weird’ approach:

Oh wow! These are amazing photos

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Beautiful shots!! I’m happy to have been able to provide you service for such a nice and well planned flight, thanks for sharing it! I have to say I was very impressed when I saw your route coning in haha. I did a similar flight last night, from LFSB to KBED(Hanscom Air Field a bit west of Boston) in a Citation X, super fun to do transatlantic flights with smaller aircraft!


Amazing photos, I love the second shot!

I just flew Montreal to Nantes recently with the A321! (Using Air Transat, but general livery because Air Transat doesn’t have a livery in IF ☹️)

I’d share some screenshots, but they are for thunderbolt’s screenshot competition. 😉


Awesome !

Flying longer routes with the A321 is pretty fun. It’s surprising that it can operate longer routes across the Atlantic , definitely very unique :)

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Aww man, you don’t know how happy I am that someone decided to fly from my home airport! Plus, you flew generic for the sake of realism 🤩. Mate you definitely have my respect 👌. Those shots are amazing too! Keep it up!

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