The French Bee has landed



Hello ladies and gentlemen, this box fresh French Bee A350 has just completed its first test trip from Orly Airport, Paris and has landed at London Heathrow successfully. If you look out of any window you will see a queue of A350-900s as far as the eye can see, all eagerly waiting to depart and flex those wings for the first time. Despite losing the location of half of the controls when in the air and like diving into a new bit of tech without reading the instruction manual first, we made it down safely and smoothly.

Departure: LFPO (Orly Airport).
Arrival: EGLL (London Heathrow).
Server: Expert.

Good times.



Frenchbee has landed indeed. Don’t let it sting. 😉


I’m flying Tolouse to Helsinki in a Finnair A359 when I get home.

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Be sure to check out the new button locations first 😀

Love it! Nice work

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Thank you sir 🛬

A little different than the normal scenery photos, and you nailed it, awesome job!

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Thank you squire!

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