The Founder of Airbus, Rogers Béteille passes away aged 97.

This is just a sad moment for Airbus and the whole aircraft manufacturing industry. He has invented the first Airbus Aircraft, the A300B and founded Airbus Industriae.

Just some quick facts:

He was born in Aveyron, France, in 1921. He received his pilot’s licence in 1945, becoming thereafter flight test engineer in 1952. He was part of the flight test team on the Caravelle’s first flight.

In Summer 1967, he tried to develop a new wide body jet to try and hold up to 300 passengers. He was also appointed chief engineer for the A300 programme at Sud Aviation.

The A300B was formally lauched in 1969. And it made the first flight on 28 October 1972.

He had a dream to expand the company with more than one aircraft. A full family was needed. In Spring March 1984 he managed to attempt the formal launch of the A320.

During the Development he used modern Fly-By-Wire controls in the cockpit (FBW). And further expanded the system with safety equipment.

Roger Béteille at Airbus

1967: Appointed Airbus A300 Chief Engineer at Sud-Aviation for the French side of the project. His team consists of three people: himself, a fellow engineer and a secretary.

1969: Formal go-ahead for the Airbus A300B programme.

1970: After the creation of Airbus Industrie, he becomes senior vice president, Engineering

1972: First flight of A300B.

1975 : Appointed General Manager of Airbus Industrie.

1977: Breakthrough in the US with the first A300 commitment to buy from Eastern Airlines.

1978: Launch of A310: the first step in realising Roger Béteille’s vision of an Airbus family.

1984: Achieves launch of A320, a totally new single aisle aircraft with wider fuselage and fly-by-wire flight controls.

1985: Retires from Airbus Industrie as company President.

2012: The A350 XWB final assembly line in Toulouse is named in his honour.

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This is just really sad. And he also saw the 50th celebration of the Airbus Industriae. 👏

He lived his life with his massive world leading aircraft company.


Wow, what a great company and legacy left behind. May he rest in peace :(


Unbelievable. 97 years of age is a great life. Really sad to hear the founder of my favourite company passed away. 😔

RIP Rogers Beteille, you will be loved for your great achievement.


This is a very sad day for me as I love Airbus, but he will be remembered as another legend in history like Steve Jobs.

RIP Roger Béteille.


I do certainly agree that he is one of the powerful inventors across the historic globe. Not only Steve jobs. Owning a full aircraft manufacturing industry with the most modern flyable objects on the planet is just unbelievable to see how far the human planet has reached. Inventing the Airbus A320 is one of the best achievements in the role.

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I’m so happy he witnessed 50 years of Airbus.
RIP Rogers.

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Rip Roger Bèteille

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He will be missed throughout the whole aviation community! Airbus will always be the best 😍😭🤟


I agree mate!


He sure lived a good life and made a legacy throughout the aviation market and the world from the A318 to the A380 the skies will never be the same without him😢😭


This is very sad. Rest in peace :(

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Let’s not try and make this an argument about Airbus or Boeing ☹️

He sure did some amazing things in life and hope he rests in peace.


R.I.P. Roger Béteille. You were on a mission to create an astounding company. A company that never stops innovating, creating, and pushing the reaches of technology in aviation. May your legacy of Airbus live on…

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He may rest in peace. He contributed so much to the aviation industry… 😥😔

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Rest in Peace, Rogers Béteille. You have created a company that has become one of the 2 leading aircraft manufacturing companies. You will be missed in the aviation world :(


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