The forum: Suggestions for improvements


As you may have noticed, there is a new IF forum. The idea behind this forum is pretty good! It is a plattform for every IF player. But there is room for improvement. At the end, you can see a picture. I changed the HTML code of a german forum which is pretty nice.

As you can see, there are a lot of more features which are very useful. Everything is very clear.

At the right site, you can see who is online. It would be cool to see who is controller. Like a “moderator” group. There is a group with all online pilots below.

There is also a possiblity to see all members, to change to the Helppage and to the homepage at the top.

There is also a Live Chat. You can talk with everybody who is online. There could be a second live chat only for ATC controllers. It could replace the fast communication in facebook.

Another feature which would be nice is a twitter or facebook feed. You could see there all posts and tweets of FDS.

Finally, I want to say 2 things.

First: Sorry for my English. It is not the best.
Second: I don’t request for features. I suggest some improvements.




By the way: I know, Tyler is not a Junior Controller but I realised it too late :D I changed “Controller 0” to "Tyler"at the end of my editing :)

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The colour scheme is hideous…

But nice thinking. I do think the Live Chat could come in handy someday, but at the moment with the established Facebook community, I don’t think it’s of massive importance (FB messenger has push notifications, some awesome features, lots of users, group chats and muting, etc…) :smile:

I quite like the design of the IF forum - clean, takes advantage of the space, modern and responsive. The forum in the picture looks quite traditional/old-school, there’s too much going on at the same time, and that’s enough to drive away some users. I’ve never been a fan of that type of forum, however I am quite liking Discourse’s design. :)


Bold Text Topics would be amazing for unread threads. Its so confusing with just the little blue ‘new’ text next to the thread topics. (On mobile anyways) Note 4

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Unfortunately this is very subjective. The “new” tag stands out quite clearly in my opinion. Not everyone is sensitive to bold text.

That being said, this is what is great with this forum, we can customize as much as we want (mostly, might require for us to find a good HTML/CSS guru though).

Where is this forum?

cool stuff

Link Please?