The Forgotten Photos

Hey all,

During all this spare time, I’ve been diving in my 2k+ photos to scoop up some good quality photos I’ve missed. We all know the 10 photo rule so we are limited to what we can upload. Many times there are some hard decisions on which pictures to showcase and which to not. This thread is all about those photos which do not get uploaded to any of my spotting topics. It was fun digging up and editing great pictures as well as gathering great pics I already had. Hope you enjoy these!

AA A332 Staredown

Now I’m not the biggest fan of these kind of shots, but I know a lot of other people probably like these. Great views of the howling Trent 700s and cool reflection on the front.

AA Babybus departure

My favorite of the three A320 bruddas. This one just fit the frame and has some mad contrast, perhaps a bit much but idc.

AA Mitsubishi 900 departure

Sick pan I got with that strobe light action 🔥. I intended to get more of these evening pans of heavies when their departures weren’t pitch dark but who knows if that’ll be a reality.

AA A332 departure

Really confused on how this didn’t make any of my threads. This is one of the better A330 shots I’ve took at CLT, but I think I can upgrade. Serious gear tilt, like look at those gears.

DL MD95 taxiing to parking

You know those pics that you think will turn out trash but actually turns out way better then you thought, this is one of them. Thought it would be way more grainy, but I got that golden shine on the dog. Really happy with this one

AA Jungle Jet arrival

Agh, the almost good pan. It’s almost a good pan for me but it’s a little blurry. Regardless of that, strobe like action+ golden hour makes up a lot of that.

United B738 departure

I think this is the first time I’ve seen only one airline in the picture apart from AA. UA B738 which is actually a bit of a rarity with the much more common E Jets hanging at the newest terminal. Unfortunately my quest to still catch the new UA livery continues… I’m like 0/12 on it…


I had to escape from CLT from bringing boredom on everyone. This isn’t what I call a great photo in my book, but I still can’t get away with the ANA 77W. Praying this livery gets added in the 77W update.

Spirit A320 staredown

Taken right before a severe thunderstorm rolled though the airport. Grainy because of high ISO but I’ve never shot a photo like this. This was taken a while ago and I wasn’t quite acquainted to shooting in dark clouds and stuff. Not sure how to judge this one.

Thanks for viewing these. I hope but highly doubt that I’ll get back spotting when the AA B772s begin Europe service in August or something. As of now there really isn’t interesting to spot in Charlotte apart for some increased cargo traffic. Only thing I see getting me moving is a diversion from ATL. ATL diversions are always a treat as we usually get some nice European heavies.


  • Canon T6i
  • 45-250mm lens
  • Some random tripod that’s decent



Keep it up!

Wow those are some great shots! They all look so good!

Interesting because I really like this one…

Nice! Keep up the good work!

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Wow, nice panning work!

That is a -900 in the picture

These are amazing the baby bus one is the best. Keep posting this. And why is there even a ten picture rule??


Glad to hear you liked it

Thanks man

You right, changed it

Forgot why, I’m not the one to question


But CRJ was such a good name though! Why’d they change it?

Crying intensifies

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Such amazing photos! I don’t know how these weren’t some of the best! These are beautiful!

I love these. Great work!

Thinking the same thing lol

Thanks sir

I’m gonna annoy so many people by calling it the Mitsubishi

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Really good job with those photographs they are amazing!

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