The Forgotten Mountains


Although dwarfed by the Himalayas, miniaturized by the Andes and Alps, small compared to the Alaska Range, and in the shadow of the Rockies, the Appalachian Mountains are something of a gem. The once mighty mountains are slowly eroding away into history, but in their current state, they’re absolutely beautiful. The Appalachians are rugged, and filled with amazing airports, such as Mountain Air (2NC0) and Asheville Rgnl (KAVL), and I was lucky enough to talk a flight around this beautiful region with @sstewartbw. We could’ve taken our TBM’s on a normal FPL above the mountains, but we decided to take it slow, and navigated VFR in the valleys of the Appalachians, and boy was it a joy to fly. Who am I to be talking for the mountains? Let the photos speak for themselves!

Waiting on the Ramp at Mountain Air (2NC0), getting ready for a short trip around the Great Smokey Mountains (another name for the Appalachians).

Right after takeoff, we got this amazing view of the Appalachians. Now you can see why they’re also called the Smokies, the low-level fog around the base if the mountains.

Now you can see just how well the TBM goes with the forrest-covered Appalachians.

@sstewartbw pulling up behind me on our flight, we flew like this, VFR, one behind the other, for the rest of the flight.

I just love he Appalachians, can’t get enough of them! There’s some more low- level clouds and fog.

Honestly, the Appalachians are so beautiful, even better than the Rockies!

Turning final at Asheville Rgnl (KAVL). You can see both the open wilderness, and the little city of Asheville, NC.

Passing over the threshold of runway 34 at Asheville, with @sstewartbw behind me (who actually had a good landing). 😛

Resting on the ramp at Asheville, after an amazing flight over the Great Smoky (Appalachian) Mountains.

It was a joy to fly with you, @sstewartbw, thank you! I really hope y’all come on down to the Appalachians, they are truly just as beautiful as the other mountain ranges. Thanks for visiting, feedback is accepted, and have a great day IFC! Stay safe!


Awesome photos!

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Thank you so much, @ewoharg4!

Flying FVR is allways fun!

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No problem. I rly like the aircraft

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Same here, I love the TBM!

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@DatAviation_340YT, I agree! VFR is way better than taking off and flying at 36,000ft for 4 hours.


The pictures and the descriptions are amazing! Love this whole topic!


Thank you so much, @FLyboy277, means a lot!


Wow! That is some lovely scenery :)

You’re right, it’s truly stunning!

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Awesome pics! Looks like just a fun little, and scenic, flight!

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Thanks a lot! It was so fun to fly around the Appalachians, a long overdue break from 35,000 feet!

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Wow, those are incredible. Well done!

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Thanks so much!

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