The forgotten Californian airports

I was looking for a route to airports which I had never flown to and I decided to fly from KSJC to @Thunderbolt’s home airport KSNA. Those airports never receive any love in IF and it would be great if they could be featured on the ATC schedule someday. My friend @ZinZowe joined too.

Rotating out of KSJC with @ZinZowe in the background.

Turning south after takeoff.

We observe rocks and mountains as we head towards Orange County!

Passing LA, which gets way too much attention in IF.

Flying next to island of Catalina. The airport (KAVX), is difficult to land at because of wind shears on final approach. I highly recommend doing a short hop from California (except LAX of course) with the TBM or other GA aircraft!

Turning base over the rocky hills!

Doing a good-ish landing on the short runway at KSNA!

Thank you for reading and I hope to see more people flying to KSJC and KSNA in IF as they receive pretty much no traffic!


Finally someone at these two airports. Airports like SFO, LAX, and SAN are fun to fly at but i do agree that they get a little too much attention


I like your pictures, and nice landing by the way!

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One of my favourite routes to do is Zamperini Field (Torrance) to Avalon. Also I really like Orange County SNA and the most convenient airport in SoCal (my opinion) is Burbank Bob Hope


Awesome pictures! JWA is the best airport. That approach sure took you guys inland!

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Oh goodness, don’t get me started on the traffic down the 5 to that airport. It’s a disaster. LGB (using the 91/405) and SNA (55/405) are much better.

Thanks for visiting KSNA! Great airport.

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Nice pictures, how was the flight?