The forgotten Airbus A340 part 2 | Johannesburg - Sao Paulo

Previous part: The forgotten Airbus A340 | New Delhi - Munich

Before my subscription runs out, I want to make a kind of ‘‘good bye flight’’ before returning to focus on college and the real world by flying an Airbus A340-600 in the game, this plane is now rare and can be counted on the fingers which is still operating today.

POV: You are in 2016, South African Airways flight number SAA223 route Johannesburg to Sao Paulo with Airbus A340-600 aircraft.

Server: Expert
Aircraft: Airbus A340-600 (Legacy)
Route: FAOR - SBGR
Flight time: 10 hours and 6 minutes

Have you ever flown with Airbus A340 in real life?
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Did anyone say “São Paulo”? 👀

Great photos on a very underrated plane!

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Yes. I say it 😄. Thank you, if I have time and the subscription is still available, I will make part 3

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Great shots, my uncle flew this exact route a few years ago!

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Cool. That must be momerable moment for your uncle. Yesterday I checked on Flightaware this route was transiting in Luanda

How I wish it would be reworked with a virtual cockpit, so many people would start flying it again since honestly it is a beauty

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I will never forget the a340 in IF when it’s reworked it will be better…

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