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KLM cityhopper Fokker 70

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✈️ What is this strange aircraft with engines at the top? ✈️

Originally from the Fokker 70’s Wikipedia page and changed by me to make it more clearer

The Fokker 70 is a fuel efficient regional get designed by Fokker in the late 80s early 90s to be an upgrade to the old Fokker F28 Fellowship.

The Fokker 70 was designed on the requirements for some certain airlines, for which the Fokker 50 and ATR 42 were too small for and the Boeing 737 and MD-80 were too large for. The development consisted in cutting various sections of the fuselage of the Fokker 100, removing 4.62 metres (15.2 ft) of the plane’s total length but keeping the wings and tail. With these specifications, total capacity is 80 passengers, 70 in the U.S.

✈️ Why I think we should have the Fokker 70 ✈️

My opinion

As we know Fokker aircraft are slowly being replaced with Embraer aircraft, this is good and bad. Good because we get more modern planes as Fokker sadly went bankrupt in 1996. But bad as many good aircraft are being taken out of service. If this aircraft does get removed completely it would be a lovely tribute to the company. Plus we need more smaller regional jets.

✈️ Fokker 70 Specifications ✈️

From the Fokker 70’s Wikipedia page


  • 2 flight crew
  • 80 seats (70 in the US)
  • 30.91 m (101 ft 5 in) in length
  • 28.08 m (92 ft 2 in) in wingspan
  • 8.5 m (28 ft 10 in) in height
  • 22.673 kg (49.985 lb) empty (No fuel, crew, passengers etc)
  • 39.915 kg (87.998 lb) is the MTW
  • 34.020 kg (75.001 Ib) is the MLW


456 knts is the maximum speed
1,841 nautical miles is the maximum range
36,000 ft is the maximum cruse speed

😔 Sad news 😔

There are currently only nine airlines that fly the Fokker 70, the way thinks are looking. This aircraft could be removed from service soon 😔

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Nice request! Might even free a vote for it 👀

KLM used to send these over to Manston airport before it closed. Would absolutely love to see this, and recreate the route!


Edit: You corrected it, Nice request!

I could see people city-hopping with these.

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Thank you :)

Nice catch! Thank you :)

Me too!

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Why is the passenger number 70 in the us?

From the Fokker 70’s Wikipedia page:

“Total capacity is 80 passengers, 70 in the U.S., due more to meet “scope clause” requirements than any Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification”

Thank you very much :)

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Hello me again, I voted for this one too! Would love to see this in IF.

Would love both these liveries! Also, that JetAir Caribbean aircraft is the last Fokker ever built! Still flies in the lovely ABC islands.

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Nice liverys, thank you for your vote :)

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Found a video of the KLM Fokker 70 taking off!

skip to 6:30 to hear the engines 😍

I literally wanted to create one 2 days ago lol

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This topic?

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A feature request for the Fokker 70 :)

Very nice, glad I got in time! Haha!

Really sad that they might be retired soon. I hope to fly one irl and maybe in IF too!

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It is sad… that is why I think it would be nice to have this aircraft in Infinite Flight

Yea! They fly where I live so I hope to recreate that in IF.

I saw this plane flying on Flightradar24 and thought it was a great plane. This has my vote.

Yay, thank you :)