The Fokker 50

You’re right. Tell me if you do need help though, I just really love Fokker aircrafts

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Yes, this would be a great add on to the DASH8 Q400


Alright, here is the livery list!!

• InselAir (PJ-KVM) (Banktrupt) (Silverstone Air)

• InselAir Aruba (PJ-KVK) (Banktrupt)

• KLM Cityhopper (PH-LXI) (Retired)

• Silverstone Air (5Y-IZZ)

• Avior Regional (YV2936) (Banktrupt)

• Avianca (HK-4496) (Retired) (Scrapped/Stored)

• Amapola Flyg (SE-LJG)

• Alliance Airlines

• Air Antwerp

• FlyVLM

• Iberia

• Air UK

• Norwegian Air Shuttle

• MASwings

• SAS Commuter

• Royal Netherlands Air Force

• Flugfélag Íslands

• Lufthansa CityLine

• VirginAustralia Regional

• Ansett Australia

• Maersk Air

• KishAir

• Air Baltic

• Aer Lingus

• Malaysia Airlines

• Private/Generic

Cargo (Which I doubt will be added)

• Amapola Flyg (SE-MFB)

• Miniliner

Some airlines will/might get removed because of stuff like it being unpopular, unused, etc. This is because not every livery will be in infinite flight)

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The Fokker 50 looks amazing in this livery too 💖
Palestinian Airlines



A super nice picture of an InselAir Aruba Fokker 50 😍


I support this, however i’m out of votes at the moment…

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That’s fine! You can always vote later! Thanks for supporting

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