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KLM cityhopper Fokker 50

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✈️ What is this strange aircraft with the long nose? ✈️

Originally from the Fokker 50’s Wikipedia page and changed by me to make it more clearer

The Fokker 50 is a turboprop airliner designed as an improved version of the successful Fokker F27 Friendship. The Fokker 50 is manufactured and supported by Dutch aircraft manufacturer Fokker.

The Fokker 50 was developed during the early 1980s following a decline in the sales of the company’s earlier F27 Friendship. It was decided that the new airliner would be a derivative of its predecessor, sharing much of its airframe and design features, while incorporating new advances and several improvements, such as the adoption of Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127B turboprop engines, in order to produce a successor that had a 30 per cent reduction in fuel consumption over the F27.

✈️ Why I think we should have the Fokker 50 ✈️

My opinion

As we know Fokker aircraft are slowly being replaced with Embraer aircraft, this is good and bad. Good because we get more modern planes as Fokker sadly went bankrupt in 1996. But bad as many good aircraft are being taken out of service. If this aircraft does get removed completely it would be a lovely tribute to the company. Plus we need more prop aircraft. Sometimes the Dash-8 will not do the job. That is why I believe we should have the Fokker 50 in Infinite Flight.

✈️ Fokker 50 Specifications

From the Fokker 50’s Wikipedia page


  • 2 flight crew
  • 46 seats
  • 25.25 m (82 ft 10 in) in length
  • 29 m (95 ft 2 in) in wingspan
  • 8.32 m (27 ft 4 in) in height
  • 13,400 kg (29,542 lb) empty (No fuel, crew, passengers etc)
  • 20,820 kg (45,900 lb) is the MTW
  • 19,500 kg (42,990 Ib) is the MLW


  • 305 knts is the maximum speed
  • 270 knts is the standard cruse speed
  • 900 nautical miles is the maximum range (not much, city hopper)
  • 25,000 ft is the maximum altitude

😔 Sad news 😔

There are currently only six airlines that fly the Fokker 50, the way thinks are looking. This aircraft could be removed from service soon 😔

✈️ Thank you for viewing the Fokker 50 futures request ✈️

I got the old topic closed so I could make this request that has been approved by @Marc. Thank you!

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For A Second I Thought It Was The 100, XD

Haha, the Fokker 100 request can be found here :)


Yes please!


Flew the Fokker 50 a lot when I was younger, so please add this mr Developer


Thank you @JayIOM!

Lucky, I wish I could have flown on it. Thank you for the vote!

I flew in it while I was young, I only remember little things.

You have my vote

Thank you very much :)

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They used to fly over my school all the time, lol

Flown on KLM’s Fokker 50 quite a few times when I was small, it’s a noisy but nice plane :)

I really like this plane, but I’m out of votes, sadly. I fully support the Fokker 50, and who knows, maybe I’ll have a vote for this in the future!

Thank you for the support

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Voted! I Would love to see my favorite aircraft in IF. I always flew them alot with InselAir before they went bankrupt.

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Thank you for the vote :)

I don’t realistically see this one being added but it would definitely be cool to fly!

How can you not see it added? Surly anything can be added with a little (a lot) of support?

*I don’t see it getting a lot of support since the community seems to be biased to more modern planes


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You are probably correct but you never know…

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If I have missed any Fokker aircraft in the #features please message me so I can add them in :)


The most important turboprop this sim ever needed…voted.