The flying fossil experience.

I recently flew on an ex-Us Airways A321. I came in with high hopes thinking it would be a new cabin but that changed…


The cabin was terrible, no IFE or power. It was truly a bad time for me on a night flight.

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American have a lot of ex U.S-Airways to refurbish and I would imagine they are working very hard to get them updated, patience is key though, hoping for you sake though your next flight has IFE :) @orangeking


Oh no, I was able to get on an aircraft, one that won’t be around very much longer, and take part in a flight, which is one of humanities greatest achievements, but I’m bummed out because it didn’t have IFE! What a rough time


It seems like it takes a very long time to get them updated and refurbed plus the opportunity cost of taking them out of service to do so. Eventually I imagine they will all be done.

How long was the flight?

@orangeking… MaxSez: Next time you experience a fling fossil (grate choice) writ down the Registration number. It’s Age and history and that of ever registered Civilian plane is searchable on line. Google is your friend.


Not uncommon to see things like these. A lot of Avianca’s A320’s don’t have IFE’s.

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over three hours long.

Oh my! I hope you was with a friend or relative to talk to?!

nope not at all.

At least you got to your destinstion! I’m so sorry you had to experience this. Would’ve drove ne nuts!

Honestly don’t get how people are so addicted to tech these days. I’m a typical highschool as well, but at least I can stay away from screens for more than 30 mins. Geez

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I don’t think ex-US narrowbodies will be refurbished. Only stream to your device.

Look I have work so I have to have Wifi to complete it.

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