The Flying Dutchman

Hello everyone! Earlier today, I decided to fly from Washington to Amsterdam on KLM’s 787-10. I’ve never flown the 787-10 in Infinite Flight before, so this was a new experience for me. I hope you enjoy the photos I’ve captured of this amazing aircraft, and be sure to let me know what you think down below!

Flight Info

Aircraft: 787-10
Route: KIAD - EHAM
Flight time: 7:45
Server: Expert

Parked at the gate beside a Lufthansa 747-8

Pushing back and preparing to taxi

Taxiing with several United jets in the background

Taking off runway 1R!

See u later, Washington ✌🏻

Leaving North America for my Atlantic crossing

Watching the stars appear as the sun disappears

Arriving into Amsterdam!

I hope you enjoyed. Please let me know which one was your favorite, and have a great rest of your day!

Which was your favorite?

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glad to be atc for you in KIAD🫡

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Appreciate u for coming, glad u could take the royal blue back to its home land XD


The first one looked real for a sec lol
Nice pics!

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hard to choose. They all look very good.

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Stunning editing! Nice job!

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I don’t get it. Nice pictures.

Thanks everyone!

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