The FlyBe Funeral | @EGLL | 052030ZMAR20

Hey everyone!

Since we saw the passing of the great airline FlyBe. It’s a good time now to mourn its disappearance and have a group flight to cope with it. Why is the collapsing of a domestic UK airline so catastrophic? It was one of the largest domestic UK airlines with large amounts of influence in airports in the UK like Southampton, Exeter, Manchester, Southend, Edinburgh, you know what I mean. The UK airline market is being decimated with this unfortunate but inevitable collapse currently and most likely won’t recover from it. This is the FlyBe Funeral. What are we doing? We will be flying FlyBe’s most popular route in its network, being London to Edinburgh in the FlyBe Embraer 195 and Bombardier Dash 8-Q400.

The Info:

Server: Expert
Route: EGLL-EGPH (Flight plan will be available while spawned)
Livery: FlyBe
Aircraft: Q400 or E195.
Time: 2020-03-05T20:30:00Z

I hope to see you, fellow members of the IFC, at the group flight.



I’d absolutely love to join, but 2030Z is a bit too late for me…
Sorry :(

Unfortunately I can’t make it due to me not having a subscription, I do have something to say, shouldn’t you host the flight out of one of Flybe’s hubs?

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Not really a flyout. Plus it’s the most popular route, plus, it was basically the last flight before FlyBe collapsed. Felt like it was fitting.


Thanks for putting this up, I’ll be ready at the gate at 2030. If anybody is interested, Flybe use(d) gates 201-226 and 228-249 at LHR as represented in IF, which is Terminal 2 :)

I’m up and running, will stick around for 10 mins then I’m heading off.

I’ll join if you wait about 10 more minutes

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Nvm cant I have something

Looks like I managed to fall alseep at the wrong time…

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