The floating leaf (F22)

How does one do this in Infinite Fligt with the 22?! I’ve tried way to many times and the only way I can do anything similar is by stalling the aircraft completely.

The floating leaf is the maneuver.
It’s God like.
I have also seen in person it do this upside down.

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I think this has something to do with thrust vectoring. I’ll call up a friend that is very good at maneuveres like these. @Nate_Schneller hopefully he can help!

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IF’s F-22 can’t do a pedal turn but the power loop and stall flips can can be done. Check out my tutorial here:


Wish it had the full capability.

It’s easy Nate. You just have to shut off an engine at the right time then full throttle then throttle down and turn the engine back on. Do all this while managing the rest of the maneuver. Lol I specialize in finding new ways to crash my F-22.


The craziest thing to me is that the aircraft looks completely out of control, but the pilot could probably pull out any time…

That sounds downright crazy. It’s like failing an engine 😂😂😂

It used to be man was limited by aircraft, but it is no the aircraft being limited by man… the things that the 22 and 35 can do, the amount of Gs they can produce, the human body cannot handle. It’s straight out of Star Wars.

Look at that rudder action omg

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