The Flight to Disney World!

Yesterday I did a flight with @anon38496261 and @iiExTReME who escorted us

Our flight was from KDFW to KMCO on American Airlines B737-800. Our flight was on casual server.

So here we are at the gate getting ready for departure

And we have both pushed back

And as @anon38496261 is on the runway I am still on the taxiway getting ready for departure

And @anon38496261 has departed and he is on his way to Orlando!

And I am now in the air

So then here is @iiExTReME escorting me!

Thank you for clicking on this post and have a nice day/night!


Good Photos!

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Thank you!

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Cool pics, looked like a fun flight!

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Awesome photos! I’m glad I got to do part of the flight. It was fun! If only I could’ve made it to land…

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Why did you spam “going around”? xD

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Nice photos, like the first one best!

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Love the old livery!

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@Armani_B it was a fun flight!

@anon38496261 the flight was very fun!!

@Butter_Boi the first one is the one I like the most!

@Pinecone the old livery is awesome in real life and in infinite flight!