The flight that “hits different”

We all have that flight. One that you will always remember and you fly it every so often in IF. And when you fly it maybe you just think about that whole trip and it brings back good or bad memories. For me that’s ac1853 CYYZ-KLAS on a rouge a321. I was just wondering if anybody else has a flight like this, you know a flight that just “hits different”.

(This is a rouge a319 that I fly the flight on because I can get the same exact wing view)


For me it’s X-Cub off-roading at Saba. Something about using that tiny aircraft like an ATV over the beautiful island terrain just hits different.


For me it is going to be my all time favorite route, which is a real world flight.

Aircraft: B777-300ER
Route: OMDB (Dubai International) - VRMM (Velana International)

I have always loved this route as it features beautiful scenery. Such as the beautiful Dubai Palm and the coral islands of Maldives when approaching the airport.


I’d say for me it’s flying between either Toronto, Calgary or Vancouver and London.

In 2019 I took a flight from London to Toronto in an AC 777-300ER, spent almost 2 weeks in Toronto before flying to Calgary in a 'Rouge 767, then taking my first flight on my favourite airline (at the time), aircraft and livery the Air Canada New Livery 787 back to London. Amazing aircraft and everything the whole way. These do bring back memories when I fly these routes.

In 2017 I took a flight from London Gatwick to Vancouver and back. During this time I went up north to Whisslter and took a ride on a once in a life time experience, a DHC-2 landing in the middle of a glacial lake where there is nothing anywhere nearby other than the aircraft and ourselves.

This was with Air Transat. It made me take a whole new passion of aviation and created my love for Canada and Vancouver. I do hope the livery comes into the rework, as it is the livery on the A330 I look most forward to.

I’ve flown this route once on a Generic A330 (using the Air Transat callsign), it was definitely a fun and memorable flight.


Flying out of NZCH cause that’s where I got ghosted Just kidding
I think EGLL-EHAM since that’s always the route I used to fly in CS and TS

For me its KJFK-EGLL its something about flying the smaller aircraft across such distance that just HITS DIFFERENT


Honestly, for me it’s just any flight to and from Brussels Airport (BRU/EBBR), being able to go into replay mode and moving the free cam to the area I always stand when spotting makes it even better.

I know 25L like the back of my hand so.

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In or out of Vancouver because I love flying over the rockies during my approach in to Vancouver, Also its my home airport so I gotta love it.


KATL to KMSY. I take that flight a lot IRL because I lived in Atlanta and have most of my extended family in New Orleans. I still fly there during summer and winter breaks, even though I don’t live in Atlanta anymore. I always fly into KMSY instead of out. I usually park where the new terminal should be…

Please edit this airport with the new terminal, its been like 2 years :(


For me it’s Buffalo to Orlando

This flight has really bring back a lot of memories because I take this flight every year to go to Disney World. And now with the locked free camera. I put it to seat 7A where I usually sit. And just stay at that camera for the whole flight.

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Well, mine would be flying to Kahului for my first time when I was 10 back in 2016. We flew Virgin America (Memories 😔) to San Francisco connecting with Hawaiian.

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HKG - AMS. A route I have flown every year until I moved to Chicago. Operated as KL888 in the legendary 747-400 by KLM. Reunited me with my grandparents thousands of miles away (still are far away from Chicago but not as far.) that I could only see twice a year.

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Mine is KLAS-KSEA! Flown multiple times IRL and multiple times in the sim. Alaska A320, Alaska 737, Southwest 737, Spirit A320, etc.

Can’t tell if this is a joke or not as it’s literally one of the most generic, boring routes to ever exist

To answer the question of this topic I never do the same flight/route more than once as we have a whole world to explore and therefore I mostly fly in Africa, South America and some of Asia while everyone else in this community restricts themselves to flying only in the states or western Europe for some odd reason which is a real shame because there’s so many other beautiful places


I think my favourite is probably CYVR - PHKO

Homie I just like the route chill


My most nostalgic route in IF is KLAX - KSFO in the Alaska 737-900. It was my first flight on TS and it’s always just really fun.

Now for real routes, the thing that’s just different is KSEA - PAJN. Not only is it one of my favorites in IF, but I flew that route before in real life on Alaska’s 737-800. It’s just special.

For some reason KDAY - KORD hits different when I takeoff at sunset and land at night. I’ve been to both Dayton and Chicago before, but never flown between the two in real life. But flying it in IF with the United CRJ-700 is just really peaceful.

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probably KSEA-KDCA in an ASA 737-900 or -800. ive flown it so many times, and the scenery is beautiful.

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LGA/JFK to Orlando int’l. I’ve flown this route at least 6 or 7 times now between home and college, so obviously they’re my biggest destinations.


For me it has to be KMIA-SVMI I flew this route irl so many times and being able to fly it in IF really brings back memories! plus the scenery its so beautiful on the entire flight. really recommend it