The Flight Planning Page on IF

The respectful developers of IF Sim;

I wish gratefully if it is possible in any upcoming update to have all or even any of the followings; whether for Solo or Live Flight Modes:

  • Accessiblity of entering any Flight Level and IAS’ Restrictions next to the filed Waypoints of my flight plan; so that the activated Autopilot System (VNAV+LNAV) will follow.

  • Controlling individually the Bank Angle Degree when A/P is activated.

  • Ability to file a Holding Pattern in my flight plan ; especially when I am on Solo Flight Mode.

Thank you so much for your time!

IF Assistant (Third party app) has VNAV and you can program speed to each waypoint. Not sure if VNAV is available for android yet.


Good evening!

I like those ideas. However, I’m afraid that you should only post one suggestion per topic. And in addition to that, for each of your suggestions there’s already an existing topic:


2. Bank Angle

3. Holding Patterns

If I were you I’d just vote for them 😊

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