The flight I requested to Etihad on Twitter

Back in 2019 when I created a Twitter account, first thing I did, was starting follow my favourites airlines with a Twitter account as well, and one of them were Etihad.
I few days after starting following them, they announced a new destination (as far as I remember) and I commented asking when would they start flying to Lisbon. So, as I remembered of doing that request, I made by myself that flight… in IF!

Mode: Live
Server: Expert Server
Callsign: Etihad 723 Heavy
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Livery: Etihad (2015)
Route: Abu Dhabi - Lisboa Humberto
Flight time: 7h58
Status: Arrived

  1. Me and the flight 96 parked.

  1. Takeoff from OMAA

  1. Well… I can’t remember where were I in this screenshot…

  1. Somewhere nearby Sevilha, that I’m sure!

  1. Flying above the only district in Portugal that goes from the sea until the spanish border: Beja

  1. Cpt. Jason and FO Monica aligning with rwy 03 (I don’t know if they already have names, so I gave them)

  1. If possible, place one pair of wheels at a time 😆

  1. Expediting runway 03, view from the spotters at Figo Maduro 😁