The Flight from Indonesia to United States as Garuda Indonesia Flight 692 (1997) Part 1-3

Sorry of the title is pretty long

I might make a Thread before schools starts for me since I have been loving the retro MD-11 and it’s livery so I take it on a Long Journey from Jakarta To Los Angeles with 2 Stopovers in Hong Kong/Kai Tak and Tokyo Narita


McDonnell Douglas MD-11

Climbing Heavy out of Jakarta on a Normal afternoon as Indonesia Flight 692 in this day

Heading North out of Indonesia while climbing into FL350

Flying Across the sea around the islands of Indonesia (PLEASE IGNORE THE 1999 SIGN)

TriJets are pretty nice to see as it’s with the Rudder

A few hours later I descended into Hong Kong passing by China during evening

Approaching Kai Tak around 1,000 Feet

It begins to be Breathtaking

Nailing a Landing During the approach during this time

Part 2 In Thursday :D. Hope you did like them and see you later


Cool shots! and nice Kai Tak approach!

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Thanks I yet to be better in The Kai Tak approach :D

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Amazing photos! :D
This approach is stunning!

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The Kai Tak approach is stunning in general, sucks that it’s closed around 1998

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Definitely a cool airport so it’s a bummer that it closed, but it was definitely for a good reason. It was extremely unsafe and very loud for the city to have massive jets flying incredibly low overhead all day long.

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Hey you can also fly via Denpasar (WADD) then continue to Biak (WABB) and continue to Honolulu, the last one in Los Angeles, this is the eagle trail in America. So the route is: WIII - WADD - WABB - PHNL - KLAX. I might have to try later sometimes

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@Jack_Q yeah also The New Hong Kong airport is bigger

@ouzi I will try that next time


The photo from the 3rd engine is really creative though!! 😂
Nonetheless, the shots are beautiful…

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Thanks a lot I personally like to find way to be creative in this

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