The Flight from Indonesia to the United States as Garuda Indonesia Flight 692 (1997) (Part 3-3)

After some stopovers we reached Tokyo and finishing our journey with a long haul flight to Los Angeles in Southern California with the Garuda Indonesia owned MD-11


McDonnell Douglas MD-11
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Had a little late takeoff since it gotten heavy quickly and some heavy Crosswinds kinda turned it

Leaving japan heading to the pacific

Wing shot while cruising in FL350

Another one while in the North Pacific Ocean

During sunset

A few hours later entering California we approach around SoCal to Los Angeles

Early morning landing since most of it is darkness

Cockpit Landing smoothly and finished our journey for now…

Since most of it is done I’m glad you look towards from part 1-3 see ya!


Great photos there, @GameBoy_KIRB! Cool to see you’re reenacting a retro flight!

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Thanks a lot dude

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