The Flight Club for those Permabanned from Expert (accepting members)

Do you feel drifted from the IFC due to the recent server requirement update? Do you feel you’ll be unable to contribute to your closest IFC pals because of this? Are you afraid of having to say goodbye FOREVER to a virtual airline you’ve been commited to for a long time?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, consider joining the Expert-less Support Club, a club I am founding for everyone, including me, who want to fly around with IFC members, however don’t feel like making “Fly with Me” topics every day for the Training Server. Since there’s is nothing us borderline pilots can do to gain access back to Expert anytime soon, I figured we should make good use of our time and fly with other borderline pilots who are in the same boat. If you continue reading, you will find answers to many questions that you are probably asking yourself.

Q: How many ghosts have you, @C_Baccari, gotten?

A: Exactly 15.

Q: Can I join the Expertless Support Club if I have access to Expert?

A: Uhhh, NOOOO. The only way to join is to post a pic proving you have permanently lost access to Expert due to exceeded, but not over-excessive, ghosting (15-24 ghosts).

Q: What are the requirements for joining the club?

A: Banned from the Expert Server due to having between 15-24 ghosts. If you have 25+ ghosts, you are obviously a super-peanut, not a borderline virtual pilot. You must ALSO PM ME A SCREENSHOT of a pic denying your access to Expert server. The number of ghosts may not exceed 25. Exceptions may be made for those who are temporarily banned if nobody fits the 15-24 category. The reason of denied access must NOT be from excessive violations, as you will eventually regain access to Expert.

Q: How will you deal with noobs in the club?

A: If the club find out one of the members is a noob, it will be a unanimous vote of the club to decide if the noob will be kicked or not.

Q: Is there a specified time to be available for the club?

A: NOPE. Think of the club as a democracy. We vote on pretty much everything. Let’s say we have five members in the club (including me). If two members can fly on Wednesday at 1300Z, and two members and I can fly on Wednesday at 2200Z, then let it happen. If all five members can fly at the same time, then let that happen. If one person is very busy that week, nobody is gonna harp on it. Just because you are a part of this club doesn’t mean you’re going to be frowned upon for doing a solo flight every once in a while.

Q: Where will the club fly?

A: Remember the democratic feel of the club. We’ll insert where we feel like flying in the Club PM, and then WE WILL VOTE.

Q: What’s the plan for noob ATC services?

A: If it isn’t noob ATC, simply FOLLOW THEIR INSTRUCTIONS. There are very few scenarios where we’ll ignore ATC on the Training Server. For example, don’t accept clearance to runway 34R if the noob is sending everybody else to 16L!

If you have any more questions, ask me in a PM along with your proof that you have between 15-24 ghosts (exceptions may be made if I see fitting (meaning if few people interested). If you are interested in joining, follow the instructions given above, and I’ll put you into the Expert-less Support Group PM group chat. Happy flying (meaning safe flying)

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