The flight around the world

Hello infinite flight community tonight I plan on starting a flight from lax to Heathrow then Heathrow to Dubai and then Dubai to Singapore changai and lastly to yssy before flying back to lax. I’m expecting this trip to take a while; I haven’t done ultra long flights any tips?


Hey Bryon,

Will this around the world trip be non stop ( so not turning off your device and constantly leaving your device on IF) or will it be every couple of days you do one route? if you are doing the flight all in a certain tike period, keep your device charged, screen brightness to lower settings and battery saver mode on.

Hope that helps you out,

Rye :)

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Keep your device charged, low brightness when ur in flight, and if it gets hot then put a fan on it ig. Also step climb. Thats all from me mayt have a good flight

I will too, nonstop, see you there, just tell me when.

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I plan on starting the flight at 10pm. (pacific time zone)

Good luck man! Keep your device charged, and watch out on the speed! No rush to climb up to your cruise as well. Hope that helped!

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Will it be tommorrow?

Umm… btw that is Singapore Changi


My bad Thank you

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Tonight at 10 pm pacific time zone.

Alright, see you there

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Would you like to copy my flightplan?

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Yes please and I plan on spawning in at 10 is that ok?

Sure, that going to be 11PM my time, but no worries, I don’t sleep early, so, itll be, a330-900neo, Tom Bradley terminal. Any livery btw.

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Possibly around 11:30 or so

So half an hour from now?

Hi I’m ready now

Alright, Spawninf in

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Wait, what server will it be?

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Expert is that okay?