The Flight Across the World

Hello Everyone, I am relatively new to the Infinite FLight Community, but I would like to share this with you. I am going to fly a Cirrus sr22 from Atizapan de Zaragoza (MMJC) in Mexico, all the way to Roma Fiumicino (LIRF) in Italy. The flight will go through to East coast of Mexico and the US. If anyone of you catches a glimpse of me either flying or in an airport please feel free to take a picture and send it to me.

On another related note, If anyone knows about a cool place to flyover while I am going to Rome (Scenery related) please tell me about it

Plane: Cirrus sr22
CallSign: W311RJ


This is not an event…

It isn’t really an event it is just like a me thing

I know, I was telling @TheOrca_YT…

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Although I would be happy if someone would like to join me along the way

Sure where are you now and which server

I will be at MMJC at 9:00 PM Zulu getting ready. The 1st strand will be to Tampico MMTM. I plan to keep my flights fairly short so that will be the first one. at about 20,000 ASL

Oh, training server I am not grade 3 quite yet which is another reason for this trip.

Ok great will try and meet you there my call sign is C957HL

see you there :) I will try to wait for you

If I’m not there when your ready just take off and I catch up to you

okay, My approximate takeoff time will be 9:10pm Zulu time

I have a commitment today so the flight will be delayed a couple minutes or even a day, I will keep you updated

How much hours flight gonna take?

shouldn’t be more than 1hr 30 min

And so. The flight begins

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wouldn’t you have to do a lot of hop’s…that might take you a while but good luck!

Oh, definitely. It is a trip I plan to make when I am older, but I would be doing it to see more places and interact with people from all over more than to just get there you know. I plan to recreate that route in Infinite Flight to gain XP and possibly gain myself a name.

are talking about in the game or in actual real life?

I want to do it in real life. I am replicating my dream