The flatness of Indiana

At 37500 ft, above the plains of Indiana! En route from KDEN to KFJK, decided to take this screenshot. Not fancy or anything, I just feel like the flyover states could use some love!

I was in a 737-900, on Training Server when this shot was taken.


laughs in Saskatchewan



nice pics!!


Looks like inerstate 74 is the road in the picture when your approching indy from the west Honestly Indiana is the most flat and boring state

Good view of indiana

I’ve been to Indiana it is truly that flat

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Indiana and south all the way to northeast Texas are two dimensional

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Just like the flat world in Minecraft haha!

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There are many flat states. Florida, and vast majority of the midwest states. A few have rolling hills though

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Wow, thanks for all of the likes, everyone! I was honestly a little worried that this screenshot would be a dud.

Go blackhawks


Adding 500ft to the altitude is only required during VFR flying I believe.

POV: One of the stars 9 fans

For the record i know live 2 blackhawk players so i can speak on this