The Flash Flights are The Best - Seoul to Sapporo

Seoul to Sapporo

Hello again! I see you’ve clicked on this topic! Well, when Misha posted today’s Flash Flight, I thought. Let’s post the last Flash Flight from last time. This route was the best! I liked it very much! Haven’t used the B747 in awhile so that’s what probably made it fun! And wow. ATC was insane! Thanks to @TheAviationGallery, @Enrique_Fernandez, @Oskapew, @ToasterStroodie, @Ecoops123, and all of the controllers who helped out!

At the gate with Misha next me!

The long line of departures on runway 34! I found a way to sneak through the line 😏

V1, let’s go to Sapporo

Turning left as following @ToasterStroodie’s ATC instructions by getting vectors out of Seoul

Cya Seoul!

Following my flight plan as another Asiana B747 follows me

On approach into Sapporo with Mt. Tarumae in the background

This photo is sponsored by @Kamryn

On final at Sapporo after a very enjoyable flight

And just like that, we made it to Sapporo!

At the gate with @IFATCLee3440 next to me!

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The answer to the last question was 1244 which 21% got right


Yesssssss, it’s not backlit either. 10/10


Thank you!!

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Whattttttt! Great photos! Too bad I couldn’t make that FF :(

Tell me how you did it

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there was 3 taxiways and when I went towards there the one taxiway had no one on it. And so I taxied down there and there’s I was towards the front of the line

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I love thease topic’s and it’s always nice to see some positivity :)

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Thank you Josh!

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Da 747️⃣ go hard🥶😈💯💯

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Beautiful shots Mason!

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Thank you!

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