The first United Airlines B777-300ER with the new livery in Nuremberg

Today I was in Nuremberg (NUE/EDDN) to spot the United Airlines Boeing B777-300ER in the new livery. This was the second spotting session this year already for me, but the first session this year in EDDN! Unfortunately the weather was against us spotters and we had sun only for a few seconds :(

Camera: Canon EOS 1100D
Lens: Tamron 18-400mm
Airport: Albrecht Dürer Airport Nürnberg
Notes: Don’t walk up small steep hills, when there lies snow :/

The pics:

A Bombardier Global Engine close up (Bombardier Global 6000, Reg: Unkown)

The Learjet 60 of the ADAC Air Ambulance taxiing with light :D (Learjet 60, Reg: D-CURE)

One minute later… The Learjet departs without light :( (Learjet 60, Reg: D-CURE)

The Lufthansa A320 arriving from Frankfurt (EDDF) (Airbus A320-214, Reg: D-AIUC)

Aaannnndddd touchdown! (Airbus A320-214, Reg: D-AIUC)

And here she comes! (Boeing B777-300ER, Reg: N2251U)

50…40…30…20…10… (Boeing B777-300ER, Reg: N2251U)

Close up! (Boeing B777-300ER, Reg: N2251U)

At the end of the day the sun came out one last time! (Boeing B777-300ER, Reg: N2251U)

One of the three stationed rescue helicopters waiting for its next mission!
(Eurocopter EC135, Reg: D-HDRL, Christoph 27)

Thanks for taking a look at my first spotting topic! I hope you like it :)


Cool pictures 🙂

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Thank you :)

Nice spotting! Where did that united 777-300er come from?

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Thanks, the 777 came from Norfolk

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Awesome shots! Loving the snow. And that United livery is absolutely beautiful.

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Thank you!

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Ok wow that’s nice

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Awesome shots!

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Thank you :)

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