The first time I went on a plane

Just some pictures when I flew to Sacramento (KSMF) to San Diego (KSAN) a few years ago.


I remember the first time I was on a plane. Great pictures, btw.


This should be in #real-world-aviation

Also, KSMF is definitely the best airport in the world as it is my hometown airport!!!

Great photos. Were you an AV Geek before?

l live in Sacramento California, and we get A380’s, 747’s, and all other kinds a aircraft flying over us when they depart east from San Francisco. I would look up at them, and that is what first got me into aviation.

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The first aircraft is I was ever on was a Hawaiian A330 from KLAS-PHNL

The first flight I’ve ever been on was on a JAT airlines B737-300!

You’re all lucky to remember the Aircraft and Airline when first time on a Plane.
I was not an Avgeek on my first plane ride when i was 2/3 years old i think.
So, i just remember i sat on Aisle seat position. And crying lol 🤣

And you also get to see the occasional 747 flying into Travis.

My true hometown airport is KEDU (Davis, CA) but the biggest plane I have seen there was a Cessna 208 Caravan (I got to sit inside of it’s cockpit!)

The first time I went on a plane was on a Malaysian Airlines B747-400 from KLAX-RCTP (A lot of airlines from SE Asia often used RCTP as a stopover in the past) when I was like a few months old.

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Yeah, TG (Thai Airways) used to.

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Did you crop 3 pic out of 1 pic? Haha! Kidding, nice shot.

The first time I went on a plane was when I was 1 year old. So obviously I don’t remember :)

My first flight was when I was 3 years old. It was from Beirut to Paris in a MEA A330-200.

Great pictures, but they should probably go here:

Nice pictures. My first ever flight was from Philadelphia to Los Angeles 14 years ago. I don’t remember it since i wasn’t a year old yet XD

Nice pictures!

I found a picture recently in a photo album at my grandmas’ place. It showed the little one-year-old me, in the Summer of 1999 on board a Crossair Saab 340. It wasn’t my first flight, that one was on February 2nd, 1998, when I was 24 days old. I have a picture of that flight somewhere as well… It was a Crossair (former SWISS) Saab 340 with the registration HB-AKF. The plane still flies today, somewhere in Australia. The flight was from Basel to Nuremberg.

I rlly don’t know the first plane I went on (I was not even one)

The biggest one you’ve seen there is a C208… must be a tiny little airport lol

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@samdog27 Ya, the other day I saw a cargo 747 at Travis on Flightradar24

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