The first problem

I was approaching LOWW. Suddenly night came and I tried to change the time, but it kept dark. The cockpit was not visible, and the plane was not visible.

My 10 hour flight was in vain.


Did you try clear scenery cache?

Clearing the scenery cache is not the solution to everything smh

@BAK_UOV have you ever experienced this issue before? What device are you using?


Yes, it suddenly happened.

Just a suggestion mate, might have worked we don’t know

I’m using an iPad Air 4

Was this the first time it happened?

and what os you on

The scenery caché is related to the scenery. Don’t suggest this unless is a scenery problem @Kedz


Yes it’s my first time

iPadOS version should be irrelevant in this situation.

@BAK_UOV was the surrounding scenery visible? It’s hard to tell from the screenshot you’ve provided.

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Does it happen on every flight or are we talking about this one flight?
Have you rebooted your device? This solves a lot of random issues.


It happened to me a week ago.
Black screen when changing graphics quality


@BAK_UOV what IOS are you using? I tried replicating this, and my device is on IOS 14.3 and nothing happened

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I am grateful to everyone who answered this problem and answered

This happened to me using Android device, I’m not sure if you are using iOS

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I’m using an iPad Air 4

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