The first plane with a cabin

Server: solo
Route: n/a
As most of you know, I love the MD-80 and the 717, so i decided to make some photos

First, an unedited view of a 717

Next, some passenger views

And finally, a wing view


Which was your favorite?

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  • We need the MD-80
  • The MD-80 sucks
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Very beautiful aircraft. It is the closest thing that we have to the MD-80 right now. Loved the pics! :)

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The 717s cabin is actually pretty good if only they added some views.


The 717’s cabin is still one of the best in IF, and the 717 is an amazing aircraft! Now all we need is the MD-80.

Great photos, @Pinecone!


@CJLAviation @StormyAviation @Butter_Boi, thank you all! We need the MD-80.



How do you get the wing view on the 717 on takeoff

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You go to replay mode, pause it, go to free cam, then go to the wing.

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Aight who the heck voted “the MD-80 sucks??” This is an abomination to society!! Jk but not really.

Really great pictures, haven’t flown the 717 much. Tbh even though the cabin is very blocky, I still like it.

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Those pics are awesome, loving it!!!

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Love the picks
am i the only one that hates the MD 80?

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I’m a big fan of the MD-80 and the B717. But the MD-80 is a older plane and the B717 is a modified version. We need the MD-80 in Infinite Flight in the next update!

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Yup. #addthemd80