The first of many 21.1 beta flights

Hey All! Hope you’re all doing well. Today I did my first flight on the beta and it’s safe to say that the team have done an awesome job (as always.) On today’s journey, I flew from Munich to Heathrow and it was awesome! Now let’s get to the good bit

Flight Details

Server: Expert
Route: EDDM-EGLL (LH2472)
Aircraft: A320 (Lufthansa 2018 Livery)


Only a few images so now onto short final,

Moments from touchdown with some weird pole in the background hehe

Willkommen in London!

Thanks for following along all! Have a good rest of the week! :)


Some Great shots, I absolutely love the 21.1 release!

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Same it’s just so awesome especially when you have a long taxi and you can see all the terminals :D


Man the last one is my favourite, great shots overall Ben 👍

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