The first departure from Mars


Server: Solo
Aircraft: 777-300ER
Route: N/A - N/A

I don’t know why I chose United.

Another really cool version of it.


i think you take the picture in photoshop

Welcome to the community! Happy to have you here! 👋 🎉
Actually, in some certain areas of the IF universe, conditions like this can be seen!
If you wish to see them first hand, fly into or out of New Delhi at sunrise or sunset, you wont be disappointed 😉 📸

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You can recreate this - low visibility + sunrise/sunset.

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Next thing you know dude is at Pluto😂 jk

Nice Photo

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Absolutely incredible snaps! I love the fog in IF!

@ITS_MEILLY welcome to the community! Happy to have you here :)

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You never know

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Thank you.

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Hey man, If you do. Ring my Dm’s I’ll bring my F/A 18 with me.

Nice photo, what airport did you use?

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I used homey airbase in Nevada